The women-centric April the giraffe community has begun to inspire men. Husbands, who have been teasing their wives for staring at the giraffe cam, have now gotten used to the way of life. In fact, many have warmed up to the idea that the giraffe cams are entertaining. One man, however, has gone the extra mile in making a mark in the world of long necks.

You may have never seen Charles Golden, but you’ve definitely heard his voice.

The giraffe whisperer

Charles Golden is a modern day Mel Blanc. While the latter is renowned for his voices of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and the annoying yet adorable Porky Pig, the former is using his talent to give a voice to the giraffes.

Through his sheer genius and a little help from mobile apps, Golden makes sure that Oliver courts April like a true gentleman.

Golden, a resident of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was one of the few men who was caught up in the live-cam craze when April was pregnant. In March, he made his first talking giraffe video, which went viral. “I thought people would think I was crazy. However, when I started posting these videos, people got back to me and told me how much they loved them. It really changed my life because I felt I was doing something that makes people smile,” he said.

A huge fan of giraffes, Golden loves what Jordan Patch is doing with Animal Adventure Park. In fact, he conceptualized the idea of talking giraffes after he visited the park.

“When Tajiri was born, I followed every step of the way and I made a trip to Animal Adventure Park to see the famous giraffe family. I learned so much,” he said.

The whole family loves giraffes

Giraffes play a significant role in the life of Charles Golden. “My sister and brother-in-law were big fans of April the giraffe. When I started doing my videos, they loved them and encouraged me to keep creating.

My mother also loved them and gave me the support that any fantastic mother would,” he said.

Helping Brights Zoo

Charles Golden is also actively helping Alf the giraffe who is now residing at Brights Zoo. “I am going to be making my first appearance at Brights Zoo very soon,” he said. Golden became attached to Alf after reading posts about the adorable animal on social media.

“I made some videos of Alf. The zoo owner David Bright and Maggie who takes care of Alf loved them,” he said.

Golden will make Alf sing “Happy Birthday” to the top 5 bidders of Alf Silent Auction, which is now being conducted on Facebook to raise money for Alf. The proceeds will go to Brights Zoo.

Golden is planning something big for the holidays, so stay tuned!

Enjoy the videos of April, Oliver, Taj, and Alf here: