Life can very hard for people who are not well managed and are too naive in Real Life dealings. "We think of people who are very trusting as being naive," says Nancy Carter, Ph.D., a director at the Nova Scotia Health Research Foundation, according to If you are having problems in your life and are not able to handle then appropriately then, unfortunately, you are the only one to blame for such things.

Out whole life depends on what kind of decisions have we made in past. And life can be very easy if you follow these simple rules.

1. Know when to stop

Don't push yourself to a corner when you have been hurt by many people. Loving and trusting is a good habit. But you should learn where you should stop.

After giving them enough time, learn to deal with people the way they treat you. If they respect then return the respect and if you do not feel any bond, you should give them their space.

2. Stop your expectations right there

This is hard I know, and this is pretty much related to age and gender according to my personal experience. At a certain age, you automatically develop this habit because you have been taught this lesson by you being let down again and again in your life. This is an age of roughly 27 and it's hard for women to not create any expectations.

Creating expectations is natural and with women being a symbol of love and empathy, they are generally ones who mostly feel sad about how they are being treated. But, either you learn through some hard taught lesson or by reading and researching your situation to find answers. When you don't have any expectations you are able to trust your brain and think more logically and rationally because decisions which are taken with a calm mind are generally more reliable.

3. Observe then move

This means don't be too quick in hating or loving anyone. Learn to take your time. Its great to have a good time with people who are interesting and give you great company. But do not be too quick in putting your trust in people. All kinds of relationships require a certain amount of time to be totally trust worthy.

Learn to observe people, give them time to speak, learn what they are talking about, ask questions about things which are important for you and get their opinions about them. This will clearly give you an idea if person is worth spending more time with or you should move on.

4. Start loving yourself

I saved it for last because this is really important. Most of our life we feel, we need people to be happy, we need to work for relationships. We need to find the right people and this is what pushes us to make friends which are not worthy of it.

So give yourself time. First find what you like and then let people come to you. Let them unintentionally work at getting your attention. People will give you attention for sure because we are all different people and there is certainly someone out there who will find you interesting just the way you are.

Just do these things and you will see great people will start coming in your life. It might take time but its better than being hurt again and again.