A Thanksgiving story that captivated the nation last year is the gift that keeps on giving. Wanda Dench and Jamal Hinton became viral sensations after a wrong number led to a surprise guest at the holiday dinner table. News outlets from across the country flocked to cover the feel-good story of the season. Then, the media left and Dench and Hinton went back to their normal lives. That is, until this Thanksgiving, when the pair decided to reunite around the table once more, proving that some stories do have happy endings.

Another Thanksgiving meal

This time around, Dench initiated the correspondence, inviting Hinton to her family's Thanksgiving meal once again. According to the Arizona Republic, he came around once more, bringing along a pumpkin pie and a member of his own family: a girlfriend. The two blasted another picture to social media, proving that the loving relationship has extended past the first meeting.

Dench claimed to be surprised -- in a good way -- that the two unlikely soldiers have remained friends over the intervening year. They reportedly talk around once a week, with Hinton viewing Dench as a grandmother-type in his life.

According to Dench, there's an open invite for Hinton to come to as many future Thanksgiving meals as he pleases; if Year 2 is any indication, he may take her up on that offer.

A joyous Thanksgiving mistake

Last year, Dench wanted to invite her own grandson to Thanksgiving, shooting a text in his direction. The only problem: She had the wrong number.

The person on the other end of the message wasn't her grandson, but Hinton. The pair texted back and forth for a bit, with Hinton quickly recognizing that this woman was a stranger. But when they finally shared pictures of themselves and came to the realization that they didn't know each other, Hinton still wanted to come to Thanksgiving, an invitation Dench was all for.

The awesome story could've been left in the past as a viral sensation, but the pair clearly feel a bond as a result of their sudden fame and popularity. It's clear that they have the chance to build a close friendship on the back of one unexpected -- and errant -- text message.

At a time when many can only see the bad in the world, it's refreshing to see a good story remain genuine a year later. If every family invited a stranger to Thanksgiving, perhaps the world would be a much better place, if only for one day during the holiday season.