It’s been a busy 5 months for the staff at Animal Adventure Park. Ever since the park opened in May, it drew tourists in hordes. Thanks to April the giraffe, the park’s animal ambassador, the interactive zoo hit it off with the visitors. The park is now nearing the end of the season and will close on October 22. Its owner, Jordan Patch, is yet to confirm an opening date for 2018.

From the looks of it, Animal Adventure Park will undergo a major transformation next year. Preparations are in full swing to reconstruct the park and make it safe for both animals and visitors.

When the park reopened this year, there were several queries pertaining to its ability to handle the elderly and the disabled. Even with its limited infrastructure, the park effectively managed visitors of all age groups. The expansion will only make it safer.

Giraffe family spend time together

April, Oliver, and Baby Tajiri are doing well. Surprisingly, the zookeepers let the trio spend time together outside the barn. Although many people were worried about a bullfight, there’s been none so far.

Lauren Esposito, a regular giraffe cam watcher, said, “I understood their concerns but I noticed right after Taj’s birth that the baby and Oliver were very curious about each other.

They nuzzled and shared kisses by the fence separating them frequently, so I was not surprised that the introduction went as well as it did.”

April ready for another pregnancy

If all goes well, mama April will have another calf. According to reports on social media, the announcement came from Jordan Patch, who said that Dr. Tim, the park’s vet, has given her clearance for one more pregnancy.

Esposito, who is following the giraffe family closely on the live cam, noticed that Oliver has been too eager to mate. “Oliver was delighted that he once again had unrestricted access to April. He’s been quite antsy, and is checking her multiple times daily, to find out when she will be ready to mate,” she said.

Virtual classrooms

After the April hysteria, Jordan Patch said that the adventure isn’t over. He stood by what he said. The enthusiastic park owner created a “virtual zoo” experience, which was well received by many animal lovers. He conceived what one would call a social media classroom to educate people about animals and birds. Soon, the park will introduce more animal cams.

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