The United States of America has many known cities that you can visit. Especially now with it being the Holiday Season, with Christmas and New Year’s knocking on our door. Below is a developed list of Places To Visit this holiday season to have a change of scenery. This list contains places that will top every other holiday season in the past.

A list of 4 of the top places to spend your holiday season

1. New York City

It is a known fact to almost anyone that New York City is the busiest and one of the most beautiful places to be when ringing in the New Year after celebrating Christmas Day with joy.

With Christmas trees that are as big as the buildings, you are filled with this sense of joy and excitement that overpowers all your other senses because you may have never experienced Christmas so brightly before. From just the atmosphere of everyone on the lookout for that one gift, to the many shows that go on during this time, everyone is guaranteed to find something that makes this visit one of the best.

2. Los Angeles

LA never gets too cold around the holiday season, as opposed to the other parts of the country. This city is the place for those traveling holiday-seekers that want to open their presents and ring in the New Year in hotter temperatures (possibly by the beach in swimsuits).

With holiday concerts happening almost every day from artist that want to give their fans a Christmas present, it will be easy to maybe see your favorite artist (or two) while bringing in the New Year.

3. Atlanta

Atlanta is a city that, during this time of the year, is buzzing with excitement of the holidays in the south. Just like Los Angles you have places to shop until you drop, however, you will have to bare the extremely cold temperatures that come with being in the south of the US.

Christmas time in the south is like no other place in the country. From the Christmas street shows to the Christmas carolers on each street corner, it is easy to see why Atlanta would be the best place to spend the holiday season.

4. Miami

Miami is a place that is always partying, maybe even longer and harder than the Big Apple.

So, for those holiday travelers that are seeking a new place to spend their holidays and party, this is the place for them. Miami never really gets cold during this time of year, so the holidays will be spent in hotter weather, in a city that never finds time to relax. It is almost guaranteed to be a time of partying non-stop. If you are the partying type, with holiday-themed parties wherever you go, you will constantly feel the holiday spirit.

It really doesn't matter where you spend the holiday season

There are many places, both big and small, that become places to spend your holiday season with those that you care for, even if it’s just by yourself. Christmas and bringing in the New Year is a time for people to relax and get ready for the year to come.

We spend so much time stressing about the holidays that we never truly enjoy them. Holiday seasons are meant to be spent thinking about others, as well as yourself. Take this time to enjoy life, food, people, and everything in between.