The Holiday Season is coming upon us in a hurry. Before we realized it was already time to pass out candy to the kids that felt the nervousness of going to the front door of a house they had never seen next door to them before. Now, its time to gather up all the family for two holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. These two holidays seem like they are two days that are back-to-back, as of they didn’t have almost a month between the two.

'Tis the season to be jolly

With Christmas being the holiday that may seem as if it is the most celebrated, Thanksgiving comes into play as a holiday that is just based on food.

Foods that you can certainly cook any day of the year, but on these two days, they are just so much better.

However, the most important thing of them all is the food, besides the seeing family members that you have forgotten how big they have grown in just under a year. The food that brings back the memories of when you first had that sweet potato pie and the one-year you tried to have limit yourself but you just couldn’t.

You can have a Turkey, ham, and macaroni and cheese any day of the year, but once it gets the chill in the air and every single channel is playing a Christmas movie, you just know that that dinner will have a completely different taste and the feeling afterwards will have a completely different feeling in your stomach.

That feeling of being overstuffed even when you know you could definitely go for another piece of cake (or maybe two).

Honestly, why do we care for the food the most?

The most important thing about the holidays is the memories that these particular foods bring, and not the food specifically. Memories are a way for us to have that piece of the past to always remember and bring with us into our dishes so that the feeling can be passed on to the next generation.

When we cook, we just aren't cooking for the reason to have food on the table like any other day. Truthfully, if that was the case we wouldn't ponder so much on a menu and who is all coming for that feast of a dinner on either Christmas and Thanksgiving. We do this because each dish has a purpose, that purpose being that it brings some type of flashback that makes the day all the more special.

You may not have those recipes that were passed down, but it’s never too late to start making them. Recipes are all over, you just add your twist and then you have your own set of memories to start making with those around you.

So the key ingredient to making the best holiday food is not what you make, but how and why you made it.

Happy Holidays!