Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's relationship continues to blossom. They have become more open about their romance. Quite a bit of PDA was displayed at the recent Invictus Games in Toronto, Canada where Meghan lives while filming her role as a successful lawyer on the hit legal drama "Suits."

People are speculating that the couple will get engaged soon. If they do get engaged, they will also get married and eventually have children. Even though Prince Harry is a natural redhead, none of the children he will have with Meghan will be a redhead like their father.

There is a very good reason that none of their children would be gingers.

Redheads are called gingers

Red Hair comes from the recessive gene known as MC1R. It is weaker than the other genes that are in people with black, brown or hair of a different color. While people might know some gingers, Prince Harry is the most famous one around these days. So, why is Prince Harry have hair red? That's an easy question to answer.

In order for someone to be born with red hair, the MC1R gene must be passed down from ancestors on both sides. The maternal and the paternal side must have that color. If only one ancestor has it, then the offsprings won't be gingers. On Prince Harry's paternal side, his grandmother Queen Elizabeth was a natural redhead before her hair turned gray because of her age.

On Harry's maternal side, his mother Diana Spencer came from a family of redheads. So, Prince Harry was the one to get the gene from his ancestors on both his father and his mother's side.

Redheads are in the minority with only about two percent of all people in the world being born with that hair color. That's because the gene needs another carrier to produce a redhead.

Prince Harry has the gene on both sides of his family, but Meghan Markle doesn't have it on either side as far as we know. Therefore, there will be no carrier, and it will be almost impossible for them to produce redheaded children as cute as they would be if they did have them.

Other well-known redheads

The late actress Marilyn Monroe was a natural redhead, but she kept her hair dyed blonde.

Also, actresses Amy Adams and Nicole Kidman were born with red hair, but their hair is dyed a different color. On the other hand, Lucille Ball was not born with it, but she kept her hair dyed red.

It is hard to tell which celebrities were born with red hair. However, if research would be done on those who were born with it, the results would show that they have both a paternal and a maternal ancestor with that hair color.