Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been dating for over a year. The 36-year-old actress has met Prince Harry's father, Prince Charles. She has already met Prince Harry's only brother, Prince William and his family. However, there was one person she hadn't met, and that was Prince Harry's grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. It was reported that she was a little nervous about meeting her.

Girlfriend and grandmother

Prince Harry is good at planning things, so he planned for his girlfriend and his 91-year-old grandmother to meet when the time was right.

He introduced the two women on September 3 after he and Meghan returned from their three-week African vacation. They spent that much time together to celebrate Meghan's birthday on August 4.

Harry first took Meghan to visit his father Prince Charles and stepmother Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall because it had been a while since he had seen them. Then he decided to take Meghan to meet his grandmother. The meeting went well, according to many sources. Now that Prince Harry has introduced the two women he cares about, he is getting close to proposing.

Meeting the queen was a significant step in the couple's relationship. If Harry didn't think he would propose to Meghan, he wouldn't have bothered to introduce her to his grandmother.

It is interesting to know that Duchess Kate had been dating Prince William for five years before she met Queen Elizabeth. Even then, it wasn't a planned meeting like the one with Meghan. Duchess Kate and Queen Elizabeth were guests at a royal family wedding in 2008 when they spoke briefly.

Couple is happy and in love

Meghan is on the cover of the October issue of Vanity Fair magazine.

The inside story indicates that the actress is in love with Prince Harry, and he is in love with her. She comes right out and says they are really happy and in love. In the article, Meghan shares some details about her relationship with her boyfriend, her biracial background and her role as Rachel Zane on the popular legal series, "Suits."

Something people should remember is that when Prince Harry proposes, it will not be announced right away.

The news has to be planned in advance before an official announcement comes from Kensington Palace. There is some protocol that must be followed. It is quite different from what happens when the average person becomes engaged. After all, Prince Harry is the fifth in line to the throne of England. When Duchess Kate gives birth to her third child next spring, he will move to the sixth place.