Many people who grew up browsing the internet have heard of the terribly written "Harry Potter" fan-fiction, "My Immortal." The tale tells the story of a goth teenage girl named Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way as she goes to school at Hogwarts. The writing and plot are terrible. Aside from character names, the author didn't stay anywhere near the story of "Harry Potter" and definitely didn't keep any of the character's personalities in mind. However, all of this is what helped the story rise to fame. Not too long ago, the alleged author came forward.

The author was going to have a memoir published until she admitted that she lied about who she really is.

The woman who came forward

Rose Christo came forward as the alleged author of "My Immortal." Supposedly, the publisher had enough proof to say that she was the official author of the story. The whole story was on a flash drive and she provided log-in information for the author's old writing accounts.

Christo came forward and told everyone that she had published "My Immortal" under the name Tara in order to protect her family. Christo claimed to be a lesbian Native American of the Cree tribe. She said that she wrote the story in hopes of getting into various fan pages in order to find her brother.

The two had supposedly been separated in the foster care system when they were taken away from their parents after being abused and used for child pornography.

On September 23, someone came forward claiming to be her brother. The person stated that Christo's real name is Theresa Christodoulopoulos and that she exaggerated their experiences in order to sell books.

After the brother came forward and told everyone that they had never been in foster care at all, Christo had a breakdown. First, there was a long string of tweets on her Twitter account reacting to the person's claims. Then she posted on her Tumblr account that she had photoshopped the documents that proved her identity. After that, the publication of the memoir was canceled, and she has deleted her social media accounts.

So, did she write 'My Immortal?'

Christo did have log-ins that were said to have belonged to the original author of the story, but fans aren't sure. The username for the Fiction Press account that Christo had access to had been changed, so no one is sold on the idea that she actually wrote the story.

The original author wrote the story under the name "Tara." While it's possible that Christo could have gotten the name "Tara," from Theresa, if that's her real name, Christo doesn't have any credibility now. Assuming that Christo did write it, her reasons for doing so don't make any sense. If her brother was never in foster care, there was no reason for her to need to search him out. We can't figure out why she lied about being Cree either, but it's possible that it was just part of her Tumblr-persona.

All in all, no one knows for sure who wrote "My Immortal" aside from the author. We may never know who Tara is or why she wrote this terrible Harry Potter fan-fiction. We're just happy it's still entertaining us after all this time.