Most of the time, great actors are rewarded with accolades after they deliver superb performances in fantastic films that grab the attention of critics -- which is why smart actors choose their roles wisely. On the other hand, studios often cast talented actors to add star power to otherwise mediocre films, with the hope of generating more ticket sales.

With that being said, here are some movies with zero percent ratings on Rotten Tomatoes, despite having talented actors as first shared by Looper.

Kevin Spacey in ‘Father of Invention’

When you hear the name Kevin Spacey, you will probably think of classic movies such as “The Usual Suspects,” “Se7en” and “American Beauty.” However, the one movie Spacey starred in that you probably didn’t even know is the film “Father of Invention.” If the title doesn’t ring a bell, you’re not the only one.

Father of Invention” is a comedy-drama film about an inventor named Robert Axle, played by Spacey., He needs to redeem himself after one of his inventions injures thousands of customers and sends him to prison for eight years.

Reuters described the film as uninventive and even compared its acting to the level of a terrible TV sitcom.

Mathew McConaughey in ‘Surfer, Dude’

You might remember Mathew McConaughey in films such as the “Dallas Buyers Club” and “How to lose a Guy in 10 Days.” His most iconic role that really put his mark on Hollywood would be his role as David Wooderson in “Dazed and Confused,” while his most forgettable one is a film called “Surfer, Dude.”

Surfer, Dude” is a comedy film about a character named Steve Addington, played by McConaughey, who earns money by surfing.

However, the waves started to die down, prompting him to look somewhere else to earn money.

The film was a disaster for McConaughey, with critics describing the terrible experience of seeing the movie, “It felt like we were watching a rough cut,” cited by Looper.

Robert Downey Jr. in ‘Johnny Be Good’

Before Robert Downey Jr. took his most iconic role as Iron Man in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe, he already starred in great movies such as “Chaplin,” and “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” just to name a few.

However, the film that didn’t earn him any more star power is the one called “Johnny Be Good.”

Johnny Be Good” is a comedy film where Downey played a supporting role as Leo Wiggins. Anthony Michael Hall played the lead role as Johnny Walker, a high school star quarterback who is being recruited by several schools. Walker's girlfriend wants him to go to college with her at State to get a better education, which he does at the end.

That’s pretty much what the story is all about, with Downey playing as the comic relief of the film.