The aviation industry has evolved, and planes are being built to satisfy the demand of air transport. Airplane manufacturers consider speed, fuel efficiency and size when designing new Airplanes. An aircraft with a bigger carrying capacity can carry more cargo, passengers, and military equipment. Here are the biggest planes in the World.

1. The Stratolaunch

According to Digital Trends, the aircraft was funded by Paul Allen, the co-founder of Microsoft. Th construction of the plane was finished in 2017, and it was immediately classified as the world’s largest plane.

However, some planes are longer from tip to tail, but the aircraft has a more extended wingspan due to its double cockpit-setup, and it can carry up to 500,000 pounds which no other plane can. It is equipped with Boeing 747 engines and a wingspan of 385 feet.

2. Antonov AN-225 Mriya

The plane was designed by the Antonov Design Bureau, according to World’s Trending Top Most. It is considered the heaviest aircraft with a take-off of 640 tons, and it has six turbofan motors. The Antonov has a shorter array at 2,160 nautical miles and also has the biggest wingspan among the operational planes. The giant aircraft is unbeaten when it comes to carrying weight. The Mriya can carry a 247-ton load and has the Ukranian Civil Registration UR-82060.

It was the world’s largest plane until Stratolaunch was built.

3. The Hughes H-4 Hercules(Spruce Goose)

The aircraft was first designed and developed by Howard Hughes who constructed it with birchwood. It was completed in 1947, according to Digital Trends, and it is among the biggest planes in the world. The aircraft was built to carry troops and materials weighing up to 150 pounds during World War II.

However, it took longer to finish, and by the time it was ready it was no longer needed as the war was coming to an end. Hughes flew the plane for a minute or more before landing it a satisfied man. The plane is preserved at the Evergreen Aviation &Space Museum, and it is still in good shape.

4. Airbus A380-800

According to World Top 10 List, the Airbus is double-decked, wide and is powered by four engines.

Its unbeaten as the world’s biggest passenger carrier. The higher deck of the plane sits on the whole size of the aircraft while the lower deck is on the same level with the front wings. The Airbus can carry up to 555 passengers, and it has a wingspan of 262 feet. The plane is recognized for being active in service, and it still makes trips around the world, carrying passengers who can afford the luxury it offers.