Many people, especially Americans depend on air transport to move from one city to another, but not many people would want to be airborne for hours. Many airplane makers are always trying to design plane models that can fly faster, go farther and are efficient. Up to date, the Airbus A340-500 holds the record for longest flight, but the Boeing dominates the list. Moreover, airline companies, want the bragging rights, and they are trying to have the longest no-stop flights. Ten of the longest trips in the World are over 15 hours long, here are some of them.

1. Dallas to Sydney

Qantas, which is Australia’s national carrier launched the non-stop flight in September 2014, according to Gulf Business. It takes approximately 15 hours and 30 minutes for the Airbus A380 to complete the 8,578-mile journey. Before the airline introduced the Airbus for the long flight, it used the Boeing 747, but on its way back, it stopped in Brisbane since it didn’t have the range to fly all the way. The Airbus can carry 484 passengers in 4 classes of service.

2. Auckland to Doha

This is the newest flight to be among the Longest Flights in the world. According to Weekend Blitz, the route was introduced on February 6 this year. The bad news is there is no First Class offered on this journey, and you will have to sit on your Business Class seat for a long time before you see an airport again.

The Qatar’s Boeing 777 takes 17 hours and 30 minutes in the air before reaching its destination. The whole journey is estimated to be 9,032 miles long.

3. Atlanta to Johannesburg

According to Digital Trends, the flight was launched in 2009. Delta’s Boeing 777 fliest between Atlanta and the South African city. However, Delta doesn’t provide the same amenities that Emirates offer on Auckland-Dubai route, even though they use the same plane model.

Only a few economy seats have access to power outlets, and you might be required to bring portable chargers. The 8,4939-mile journey takes over 16 hours to complete.

4. Dubai to Houston

Emirates launched its non-stop trips to Texas in December 2007, according to Gulf Business. The Emirates’ Boeing 777 takes over 16 hours to cover the 8,168-journey.

The airline started with the Boeing and switched to Airbus A380 in 2014, before changing back to the Boeing 777 two years later.

5. San Francisco to Singapore

United Dreamliner added a fuel-efficient, high-tech Boeing 787-9 to its fleet, according to Digital Trends, and also added longer routes to its list. They commissioned the San Francisco-Singapore route in June 2016 as a better option for passengers who connect via Tokyo. The good thing is that the airplane offers power outlets in all seats. The 8,446-mile journey takes 16 hours to complete and an extra hour during winter.