Autumn is here and you know what that means - the colors of lattes changing like the leaves around us. It means struggling to put on leggings right after a shower ands melling like pumpkins at work from night carving all night.

The transition from summer to winter can be a gruesome one but luckily we've given it a name which makes it seem somewhat more manageable and it's called fall - as in fall in absolute love with sweaters, boots, fuzzy socks and more. A new season always brings about new changes whether they're at work or school or even at home- so we might as well look amazing while fighting through them.

1) Grunge, grunge, grunge

Summer was the season for bolder colors like neon pinks, flashy yellows, and teal blues. It's time to push those aside and make room for makeup as breezy as the season itself. Go for shades like brown, taupe, orange and red while looking for new additions to your makeup collection. Warmer tones accent those sentimental pieces in your fall wardrobe perfectly.

Nude and burgundy lipstick shades are also always a winner- just make sure you get the right gradient of them for your skin tone to pull it off.

2) Hey there, goldie locks

If you thought ombre was only a spring item, you're dead wrong. Rock ombre hair during the fall to give your toned down look the refreshing pop it deserves.

Ombre hair goes particularly well with beige and white wardrobe pieces, which can be complemented with plain black leggings and a nice pair of boots. You'll want your shade to be somewhat golden, to match the warm tones of your new wardrobe while giving your overall look a nice shine.

3) Oversized sweaters for the win

With the upcoming season dominating clothing outlets near you, you're bound to find some amazing markdowns at the mall this weekend.

H&M, CottonOn, and Forever21 are pretty good about keeping prices low while also offering versatile, basic Style pieces you can match with any outfit.

Be on the lookout for black and grey top pieces. Not only will they look aesthetically pleasing with safari jackets and brown trench coats for the fall, but they'll slim your overall figure down too.

(Black turtlenecks with corduroy jackets are a personal favorite of mine.) While PacSun may be on the pricier side, it also offers a great selection of knit sweaters you can easily pull over anything during busy mornings.

Oversized sweaters, in general, have a way of giving you that casual and down to earth, girl-next-door vibe. The result is absolutely adorable. Match them with black leggings and fuzzy socks, and you're ready to roll for the fall season.

4) One word: Ridingboots

Not only do they add overall height to your look, but a good pair of riding boots that hit around at least the knee area can significantly elongate your legs. You can find a pair at almost any shoe store, and the color doesn't necessarily matter.

It's a win-win either way. Black boots give you that sexy, alluring look that screams "I'm in charge," while brown boots appear more subtle and are easier to complement with different clothing articles.

5) Cardigans

This may or may not fit in the sweaters category mentioned earlier, but cardigans can always easily pull an outfit together. (Then again, almost all outerwear does.)

The key is to not find something too crazy. Any plain grey, black, beige or even maroon (which is a hot fall color) cardigan will do. The point is to have a versatile staple piece in your wardrobe that you can rely on to complement your outfit. Additionally, cardigans have the added bonus of going well with any occasion. You can dress it up for a work interview with some jewelry and heels, or dress it down with a plain tank top and flats for school days. A big plus is that they're just so comfortable.