Most people who haven’t tried drugs might think they are cool to use, but that’s not the case. The moment you start using them, the side effects are too much, and unfortunately, it will be hard for you to quit because drugs are addictive. Celebrities have not been spared either, by drug addiction. Many have fought their addiction and became victorious, but others have been unfortunate, and some of them have died as a result. Here is a list of Stars who have admitted to their drug use.

Kid Cudi

According to Essence, Cudi revealed in 2010 that he started using cocaine to overcome the anxiety that comes with fame.

He would use cocaine before going for an interview because he felt that was the only way he would be able to prepare for a 60-minute interview to tell his fans about his personal life. He also admitted that he used to smoke weed to calm him down. Cudi recently opened up about needing assistance with his mental health struggle.

Russell Brand

Russell Brand is an English comedian, and he is open about his previous drug use. He even talks about his sex and drug addiction frequently in his stand-up act. According to Health Line, he described his first heroin experience as “blissful” and its alleged that he began abusing drugs when he was 16, just after leaving his mother’s home. Brand once said that he couldn’t accurately describe how heroin efficiently reduces pain.

He tweeted in December 2014 that he had been sober for 12 years.


We all love the British singer and the only lady in The Black Eyed Peas. According to, the star stated that there was a period she was going through hard times in her career that she started using crystal meth and got addicted. She got inspired in her church and shortly afterward, she checked into a rehab to help her quit using substances.

Courtney Love

According to Health Line, Love had tried drugs before, but the singer and actress said that her drug use became real when she used heroin in a party at Charlie Sheen’s house. Talk about peer pressure, the main reason people are getting trapped in drugs.

Samuel L. Jackson

The actor has been open about his Drug Abuse.

According to Essence, he thanked his wife and daughter during “The Legend of Tarzan” premiere this year for inspiring him to quit drugs. After leaving someone’s bachelor party back then, he passed out on the floor of his home, and that’s where they found him and put him in a rehab. That’s how he got saved, and they gave him a reason to change.