robots are created to make people’s lives much easier, as they are capable of automatically carrying out complex actions that would otherwise be difficult for humans. Robots just need to be programmed properly, and they could pretty much do anything we need them to do.

We see robots in factories at the assembly line, at the streets disarming bombs and even on the moon, traversing the weightless landscape while collecting specimens. In movies, Robots are so intelligent that they are often depicted to be capable of taking over the world, movies such as “The Terminator” and “The Matrix.”

While that depiction can be considered far-fetched, Robots are taking over the jobs of humans, mostly in factories.

However, there are bizarre jobs that Robots do today that you might not have known, as first shared by Listverse.

Robot baseball fans

The Hanwha Eagles, a Korean baseball team, have struggled to fill their empty seats with baseball fans after suffering 400 losses in five years. Fans wouldn’t give them the time of day to attend a game of a mediocre team to play crappy baseball.

To remedy this, the Korean baseball team brought in robot fans to fill their empty stadium, according to BBC News. Fans can access these robots via the internet and watch their team just like norman audiences would do, such as chant and cheer. This is a great alternative for fans of the team to attend games without physically going to the stadium.

They just need to log in to the internet from their homes and watch the game from there.

Robot babies

According to a report by The Guardian, a robot called the Kirobo Mini was created in Japan by Toyota. The report stated that the robot was created due to the plunging birth rates that leave most couples without children in the country.

The miniature robot can invoke an emotional connection with the mother, which means it’s capable of recognizing its mother with the help of a special camera combined with artificial intelligence. Japan frowns upon births out of wedlock, so the Kirobo Mini could be the next best thing.

Robotic music composer

A robot called Shimon was created by a researcher named Mason Bretan at Georgia Tech, designed to compose its own music, according to a report by Wired.

The robot wasn’t designed to make it look like a human as it has a total of four arms to play music more easily. Although it does have a head with a camera built-in to detect notes, it should be playing. Shimon can listen to music and uses it as a reference to compose its piece. The music-playing robot can even jam with a live band.