Fall is a magical time of year; changing leaves and crisp chill in the air. It sparks the traditional Halloween festivities and pumpkin spice everything, even in other countries. Autumn in Europe is unlike any American Halloween, setting the stage for old folklore that may actually scare the toughest of skins. But they do like to celebrate with traditional drinks and foods while they introduce you to their idea of what autumn in Europe is all about.

Ireland foliage of autumn in Europe

Spending autumn in Europe might actually surprise you. Home of the popular Blarney Stone, Irish Whiskey, and breathtakingly beautiful rolling hills and lush green landscapes, Ireland speaks to all walks of life, especially around the autumnal changes.

Although summer and the Northern Ireland vs. Germany event tend to be a popular time of year for most people, fall runs a close second.

Like night and day, as fall begins to color the trees and cover the streets in festive fare, travelers can expect to find a better seat at most popular restaurants and venues as the traffic begin to taper off. Ireland starts to unravel in a mysterious maiden of the past with her gown of maple auburn covering such historic landmarks as The Borris House and elegant old European homes that tell a luring tale. But let's not forget the real reason for spending autumn in Europe - Celtic Festival of Samhain.

This ancient tradition involves bonfires and warding off the dead for the coming of the 'new year'.

Whether you believe in that sort of 'hocus pocus' or not, you'll find that Ireland is sure to amaze and excite you with its fireworks and a haunted house in one of the biggest street parties of Ireland in Derry/Londonderry. Because Ireland is the home of Europe's biggest Halloween festivals, we are certain that there will be no shortage of fun times.

Poland a timeless trip through autumn in Europe

Poland's awe-inspiring the Tatra Mountains entice the expert hiker and explorer while Warsaw draws the history major to its Gothic churches. Poland's aAutumn in Europe is recognized by admirers near and far, especially in Maple Alley. The most breathtaking and magnificent wonders best countries to visit in the fall lie between the Polish cities of Cracow and Czestochowa and offer quite the artful display.

For only a short period of time, you can witness maple leaves at their peak on this foggy, lonely pathway. Vibrant oranges, reds, and yellows dance through glimpses of evening light on ancient grounds and between majestic trees. Photographers from all parts of the world come to catch these colors in their earthly and timeless forms each year they venture on a visit during autumn in Europe.

Dating back to the 1200's, Poland is known for its rich Renaissance architecture and its spectacular sightseeing experiences through the mountains. What makes Poland a place to enjoy the autumnal festivities is the calamity and eerie nature that surrounds the subtle, medieval towns. So, while you're waiting for the 2018 World Cup to bring Poland to you, you may want to pay a visit, grab a night or two in a rustic Polish cabin and dine in one of the restaurants on the slopes if you dare.