With every small or large scale Comic-Con that has occurred, the sheer growth of the number of "Rick and Morty"-based cosplays has seen a drastic increase. The current and ongoing season is to be credited to the senselessly growing fan base that has made the show number one.

With just one episode left in the third season and the uncertainty about what's next, this article takes a look at all the great "Rick and Morty"-based cosplays that happened this year to relive some of the episodes and key moments of the show.

1. Rick Sanchez

The surprise bombardment of badassery that came with the "Rickshank Redemption" on the 1st of April this year has paved the path for the current and ongoing season while connecting the dots between the sophomore season and the new one.

Rick’s escape from federal prison, although imminent and obvious, was very well-crafted and executed in the episode. With all the added excitement came Birdperson’s fate (or twisted future) in the hands of Tammy. We wonder what is up with Phoenix Person and Tammy and where they flew off to, and if that will be covered in the one episode that is left before the end of this season.

2. Bird Person

3. Morty Smith with Armothy

Episode 1, "Rickmancing the Stone" (or episode 2 as some fans would call it, considering "Rickshank Redemption" to be the season pilot), brought forth the dawn of a lot of new elements in the show that would move on to becoming the turning point in the building and strengthening of Morty’s and Summer’s overall character traits and how they appeal to the audience.

4. Wasteland Summer Smith

5. Pickle Rick aka Solenya

Episode 3 brought one of the still largely iconic cult symbols the show has coughed up. An unforgiving and relentless embodiment of mass destruction, Pickle Rick has in many ways proven to be the physical form in which Rick Sanchez has directly engaged in bloodshed and slaughter.

This also sheds light on the fact that all the purging as an armed and dangerous pickle is all the therapy and counseling Rick needed.

6. The Vindicators ft. Eyehole man (minus Million Ants and Crocubot)

Episode 4 did justice to the relationship between Rick and Morty and how they have grown to understand each other through the length of the entire show and all their misadventures.

"Vindicators 3: The Return of the Worldender" also happens to be one of those episodes that strongly showcases the rare moments where Rick shows how much he values Morty but in a malicious way. He goes so far to rip apart the Vindicators one by one and to calm his own inferiority complex amidst Morty’s love and admiration for the Vindicators. Noob Noob is the only other Vindicator who survives, apart from Supernova.

7. Noob Noob

8. Toxic 'Gunk' Rick

Episode 6 titled "Rest and Ricklaxation" has been one of the most spoken-about episodes this season.

The toxic manifestation of "Rick and Morty" have not only helped the titillating duo better understand themselves and their psyche but also completely agree and accept all aspects of themselves. This episode also threw glimpses of how the detoxified Morty was very similar to Evil Morty in terms of attitude and success. Morty’s long-time love interest Jessica had a fairly considerable role to play in bringing Morty back to his original self.

9. Jessica ft. Little Morties

10. The President of the Citadel of Ricks, Evil Morty

Episode 7 is undoubtedly the best episode this season.

It could even be the best episode in the whole of the show's saga yet. Managing a clean sweep in the IMDb ratings, the "Ricklantis Mixup" is a work of pure genius to say the least and focuses on the slow and eerie brewing of who could easily be one of Rick’s greatest foes.

11. Grabbagarbgrooba the Garblovian

Episode 8 is an absolute goldmine in terms of all the adventures "Rick and Morty" have had but we haven’t seen. "Morty’s Mindblowers" was many episodes in one, showing us that the plotline of the show extends beyond what the writers have chosen to frame as viable episodes, and that "Rick and Morty" have had uncountable adventures and have hopped to/abandoned realities multiple times.

The episode also brought back a lot of iconic characters from the previous season like Mr. Meeseeks proposing to Morty, the memory parasites, and the Garblovians in the alien collectors zoo including a couple of trapped Meeseeks.

Not to forget how Summer came along to save the day at the end of the episode, and how she was blown off for not following one simple rule.

12. Team Meeseeks

13. Mrs. Refrigerator

14. Good old Summer Smith