If you are planning to buy a car, make sure you choose a good looking one. However, when buying one, you need to consider a lot of facts including power, maintenance cost, and appearance. Some Cars are so ugly that they attract a different kind of attention from luxury cars lovers. Your neighbors might even laugh at you when they see you driving one of these vehicles. Engineers try to be stylish as much as possible but sometimes they fail miserably. Here are the ugliest cars you should know.

1. Sbarro Autobau

According to Drive Tribe, the Autobau is very ugly.

It’s hard to imagine what the artist who designed the car had in mind, but if he wanted the car to get attention from to its shape, well, he achieved it because its ugly aspects attract some people. The car was designed by Franco Sbarro, a renowned designer. The Autobau was showcased at the Geneva Motor Show a few years back. It was built as a sports car, and many believe it’s the ugliest of its class.

2. AMC Matador

The Matador competed against cars like Ford Torino and Chevrolet Malibu and was featured in the James Bond Film “The Man With The Golden Gun,” according to Best Ride. It’s one of the ugliest cars in history. It was designed by Richard Teague with the help of Mark Donohue. The company targeted luxury car buyers by fitting the car with opera windows and a padded roof.

It’s probably one of the few cars that could cause you to lose your appetite.

3. Infiniti QX80

The QX80 is a luxury SUV built to compete with the Lexus LX according to Cheat Sheet, and it is on the list of top ugliest cars in the World. It has oversized proportions, its fender grilles are just somehow odd, and it looks cartoonish in some sought.

The brass tacks make the SUV look more ugly. However, the Infiniti model has a great finish and a good interior. A car with an attractive interior and an unattractive exterior can leave a potential buyer confused.

4. Subaru SVX

According to Best Ride, the SVX was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro who is famous for creating some of the best-designed cars.

He is the one who designed the BMW M1 the VW Golf and Maserati Ghibli. The car is great with all-wheel-drive, cutting edge design and flat six cylinder. On the “cutting edge” though, the bizarre window-in-window is a fail, making the car a little bit ugly.

5. Lincoln MKT

The MKT is almost similar to the Ford Flex, but not when it comes to looks. According to Cheat Sheet, the Flex is “brutishly handsome” from all angles, but MKT is more of a mash-up of Lincolns past and present. The back trunk looks like a 1980s Continental in size and the MKT is similar to the relic of Lincolns 2000s’ lineup. However, it's comfortable and quiet on the inside.