It looks like Suvs are here to stay and will be gracing our highways and parking lots for a long while. Riding an SUV guarantees you a better site over traffic. Moreover, it’s ideal for a family trip, thanks to the plenty of space it has for cargo. A while back, cars like SUVs were made for rough terrains and muddy roads. But today, the makers of these vehicles consider speed and luxury thus the name “Sport Utility Vehicles.” However, they can be quite expensive or slightly more costly than sedans or hatchbacks. Here are the best SUVs right now.

1. Range Rover TD6

Range Rover is a dream for many who love a prestigious SUV. According to Popular Mechanics, the company thrived so much in making this kind of cars that other car makers were attracted into the niche. For those who have driven this admirable model, they know what it offers -- the kind that can’t be found in other cars. The TD6 is packed with luxury and built for off-road with four-wheel drive technology. One of the factors that make Range Rover loved by many is its ability to pass on a muddy track.

2. Mercedes-AMG G63

What comes to your mind when you hear the word Mercedes-Benz? A powerful Germany king of the roads, right? Well, Mercedes-Benz never disappoints, and the AMG G63 is yet another vehicle that will amaze you.

According to Road and Track, not many cars can compete with the AMG. The ancient off-road vehicle comes with a V8 engine and it's described as “quick” and “hilariously rude.” It is one of the cars you can buy if you need an SUV.

3. Lexus RX & Lexus NX

One of the biggest car makers, Toyota, has been producing luxury versions through its Lexus division.

According to NY Daily News, the RX has a stunning cabin, a spacious room for cargo, and a variety of standard safety features that will take your breath away. The NX, on the other hand, was launched two years ago, and it has a smooth engine and spacious backseat. If you can’t afford the RX, then you can go for the NX as it is a bit cheaper.

The difference between the two models is not that wide anyway.

4. 2018 Lamborghini Urus

The Urus must be one of the most waited SUVs right now, according to Popular Mechanics. The maker of the car hasn't released all the information about it, but some are already out. The big machine won’t be using a 10- or 12-cylinder engine like the supercars. However, Lamborgini has hinted that, in future, there might be a hybrid of the Urus model which is believed to be more fuel-efficient and powerful.

5. Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk

According to Road and Truck, the Grand Cherokee doesn’t require Dodge’s 707-hp Supercharged Hellcat horsepower. Maybe it won’t make it stronger than it is. The Jeep is considered the most powerful SUV around the globe. Jeep makers at least have something to brag about, but they deserve the credit.