Some people might argue that luxury in cars is unnecessary, but it is not an issue if you can afford such a car. Luxury vehicles have more power, equipment, and interior comfort, compared to budget cars. Most of the today’s new cars are among the best in history and designing a unique luxury vehicle has become quite a challenge. However, luxury vehicles have become more popular through increasing choice and a change in buying habits. When choosing a luxury car, those who can afford it are able to consider ride comfort, handling, performance, and engineering.

Here are Top luxury cars available right now.

1. 2017 Audi A3

If you have ever driven an Audi, then you know what it feels to drive a car from the company. Audi is among the leading car manufacturers who produce Luxury Cars. According to Edmunds, the A3 is one of the best sedans that feels, looks and drives like a luxury vehicle. Regarding quality, its cabin is one of the best, and it has features that are present in the bigger cars from Audi. Despite its size, the car is loved by people who prefer small cars but want luxury. The A3 is proof that small cars can be luxurious as well.

2. Range Rover SUV

According to Car Buyer, the Range Rover is the British royal family’s favorite. It is arguably one of the best luxury cars and among the top SUVs.

The latest generation has chauffeurs which transport VIPs in the back seat. The car has an air suspension that helps filter out bumps and road noise so that whoever is driving in it can enjoy a smooth ride. It’s also good looking and suitable for dignitaries. No wonder wealthy people love the Range Rover.

3. Mercedes-Benz S-Class

Nothing much can be said about the S-Class as it speaks for itself. A person who has sat behind the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz car knows what they have to offer. According to Cars Direct, the S-Class is available in coupe, sedan, convertible, AMG and ultra-comfortable Maybach. The sedan version is comfortable, built well technology-wise, and fast.

The interior of the S-Class looks like that of a private jet, and it’s able to read the road surface ahead.

4. Rolls-Royce Ghost sedan

The Ghost faces criticism for its similarity to BMW 7 series, according to Car Buyer. Despite them having much in common, that doesn’t affect the Royce. The pointed similarities cannot be easily seen as they are purely below the surface. The Ghost is enjoyable and sporty to drive. The car is built for comfort though, and two things that can make you not feel any BMW in the Royce is its texture and smell. It’s definitely one of the best machines in the world, even though to own one, you will need to part with quite a large sum of money.