Driving can be thrilling to some people. Individuals who drive in the cities might not have experienced the fun of driving across the country and come across roaming animals, mountainous highways, and falling boulders. Not all people love relaxed and consistent highways, some like the thrills, and some highways in the World offer that. Here are some Dangerous Roads you should know about.

1. Passage de Gois, France

According to Tip Hero, when crossing the passage, timing is the key! The de Gois connects a small island with the France mainland, and rising tides can make the journey between the two regions treacherous.

It’s impossible to pass whenever there is a high tide as the road is under the water. Cars don’t cross for fear of being stuck or submerged putting the driver and its occupants at risk.

2. The Dalton Highway, Alaska

The Dalton Highway passes through tundra, remote forests and over the Yukon River. It stretches for about 400 miles, according to This Is Insider. However, despite the scenery, the Dalton Highway has a 240-mile stretch with no restaurants, hotels, gas stations or other essential services. You wouldn’t want your car to run out of gas somewhere along this highway. Moreover, there are signs along the road warning of avalanches and steep grades.

3. The Atlantic Road, Norway

According to the Business Insider, a bridge on the Atlantic Road is so very steep that it looks like its ending from some angles.

It would take a lot of courage for you to cross this bridge, but people do. Sometimes there can be storms gusting wind and huge waves which crash against the barricades of the bridge, hitting unsuspecting vehicles while passing across the narrow bridge.

4. Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road, Greece

The Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road must be part of this list.

This is a road that will require the driver to be extra careful and alert. According to Trip Hero, while driving on this route, you might come across some windy turns, sudden elevation changes, rough road, wandering pedestrians and truck traffic. You should keep off your phone while on this motorway if you don’t want to end up at the bottom of a mountainside.

5. The North Yungas Highway, Bolivia

The highway is often described as the Bolivian “Death Road” according to This Is Insider. The Yungas is a single-lane dirt road, and it’s pretty dangerous. If you become distracted for just a second, you might find yourself off the track and descending the mountain into the rainforest. Each year, the road claims over 300 lives. Drivers and cyclists lose traction and crash 11, 000 foot below.