On Saturday, a one-month baby was found in the car on a highway side in oklahoma, ABC News reported. Passers-by spotted the vehicle where a Baby Boy had been left on the car seat in the heat for more than 30 minutes. There were $5,500 cash, a Social Security card and the boy's birth certificate in the car.

As Oklahoma City police stated, the vehicle had been parked 10 feet from the shoulder of Interstate 40. Sgt. Gary Knight.

How did it happen?

Alexis Harrison, the woman who found the baby, said that she was accompanied by several people from her church when they noticed a parked car.

She found a baby sleeping inside and called 911. The boy was clean and well-cared. He was not sweating, although it was 91 degrees outside, so the officials believe that he had spent less than an hour alone.

The officials found the baby's mother through his relatives. The boy's mother was taken to a hospital to be evaluated, Fox13 News reported. The reason why she left her child alone is still not clear. The investigation is going on.

Police Sgt. Gary Knight said that "People do the strangest things sometimes," noting that "This could have had a very tragic ending." The Oklahoma County district attorney will be responsible for the baby's mother charges. According to the authorities, the investigation will determine later if any charges will be filed.

According to the Department of Human Services, people across the US send emails and called to ask for the opportunity to adopt the boy.

How did the passers-by notice the baby?

Ken Angel, the pastor of Abba's House of Worship Center in Ada, whose parishioners found the baby, said that "I feel like God used our youth group to save someone's life Saturday because we're here on Earth to fulfill a redemptive purpose."

He said that there were 15 young members of the group which found the infant after spending the day at Frontier City's amusement park.

They were the first people who noticed the car at 4 p.m.

When the driver of the group's van Roger Prater noticed the car on the side of the Interstate 40, he thought that there was a doll inside it before noticing the baby's feet kicking. He said that when he came closer to the infant, he was not moving and his eyes were closed.

He prayed: "Lord, don’t let this thing be hurt."

The young people also noted that there was no food, water or a note in the vehicle. The baby was taken to the hospital for an examination. According to the medical staff, he was healthy. The infant is currently in DHS custody.