If you have a crush on someone and are wondering whether they like you or not, there are several signs you can look for to help you determine that. The dating scene is hard, and it can be difficult to identify whether or not someone Likes you. Approaching someone without knowing whether they like you or not might lead to an embarrassing rejection. People behave differently while interacting with you -- some will love your company and others will not. Thought Catalogue and Vixen Daily pointed out some way to read the signs that your Crush really has fallen for you.

1. Replies to your texts on time

Not all your texts will be replied on time. Those who respond to your messages on time want to be part of your life. Those who do not respond to your messages on time or do not reply at all do not want to talk to you. Your crush will always text you on a regular basis and on time because if they don't, they know someone else will. One will feel rejected if their messages are not replied on time; your crush will avoid this situation by responding to your messages on time. If someone has a crush on you, they will also use emojis to accompany the words they are sending you. Most emojis will be aimed at leaving you feeling emotionally positive such as a smiling emoji.

Your crush will also send a crying emoji if you send them something funny.

2. Always allocates time for you

Ever wondered why someone has time for you, its because they like you and want to be part of your life. Someone who has a crush on you will always be available for outings and dates. The person will also suggest the best place where the two of you can go.

Spending time with you will enable them to know if the two of you are compatible. Your crush will even have time to like and comment on your social media posts, just to keep the conversation between the two of you going.

3. Remembers every single detail about you

Your crush will never forget every single thing you have ever said.

This sign indicates that they are still thinking about you and that they always have memories of you. Your crush probably likes you if they notice that you are not wearing your favorite sweater.

4. Holds endless conversations with you

Conversations between you and your crush will be flawless if they have an interest in you. Your crush might also share their private details such as personal and family secrets with you. Your call or text conversations might even last for a long time compared to the conversations they have with other people. Your crush might also be Interested in you if they laugh at all your jokes.