On Tuesday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson interviewed Amanda Yates Garcia about the topic of witchcraft. Garcia, a practicing witch, answered his questions with a bit of sass and spoke candidly about casting monthly binding spells on President Trump. She noted that this particular binding spell was meant to prevent Trump from causing harm to others and is not meant to cause any actual harm to the president.

The interview

Carlson introduced Garcia as the "Oracle of Los Angeles" and said that she was the only witch who was brave enough to agree to appear on the show.

As he welcomed her, he stated that he had a panic attack just before going on the air, and he hoped that she would not cast any spells on the Fox News staff. Garcia seemed unfazed, yet pleasantly amused by his remarks.

Carlson proceeded to ask Garcia about the binding spell that she has been casting on President Trump every month. Garcia compared binding spells to other spells in general and said, "They are a symbolic action to harness the powers of the imagination and to achieve a tangible result, eventually."

When asked about the desired result of this particular binding spell, Garcia clarified that the spell was meant to keep Trump from causing harm to the people that she cares about. She mentioned that her ultimate goal was to protect those she loves from having harm done to them.

Carlson then questioned the legality of practicing witchcraft. Garcia was quick to point out that spells are symbolic actions, similar to singing the National Anthem. She expressed her strong belief in the power of thoughts, especially when the thoughts are connected to a strong sense of emotion.


The interview was seemingly good-natured and lighthearted.

Carlson went on to ask Garcia about some of the stereotypes that modern witches face. He specifically asked about eye of newt and questioned whether or not it was a real ingredient that is used in spell casting today.

Garcia attempted to keep the conversation focused on politics by stating that the issue at hand had nothing to do with eye of newt being a real ingredient or not.

She spoke about immigration issues, student loan debt, and the threat of nuclear war with North Korea.

Carlson was determined to get his answer about this particular ingredient. He quickly came back around to ask again if eye of newt was a real thing. Garcia assured him that Shakespeare was not a reliable source for information about witchcraft. She said that modern witches use whatever items and ingredients they have on hand.

The closing question focused on the consequences of performing magic and casting spells. Garcia explained that modern witches are not concerned with negative consequences because they are casting this binding spell with pure intentions of causing no harm.