There’s a good chance that you’ve already heard what a doppelganger is and how creepy they might seem. There have been plenty of cases where a Person stumbled across someone they know, only to realize it wasn’t actually them. According to thoughco, Doppelganger is the German word four “double walker” which is thought to be the shadow self of a person who always follows them. There are various cases throughout history of people seeing their Doppelgangers that detail how extremely disturbing it is.

Emilie Sagee

One popular story about doppelgangers goes back to a woman named Emilie Sagee, a 32-year-old French woman who was a teacher at Pensionat von Neuwelcke in 1845.

While the school was pleased with her overall performance, her students began to notice some strange occurrences surrounding their teacher. There was one time where she was writing on the chalkboard and her exact double appeared beside her, doing exactly the same thing.

There were other similar occurrences throughout the school year when Sagee would be at two places at once. Sometimes people saw her eating beside her body double who copied her exact same movements without the utensils. However, the creepiest occurrence was during a sewing and embroidery lesson held in the school hall. When the teachers left the school hall, Sagee’s doppelganger appeared on the chair while the real Sagee could be seen in the garden.

Two brave girls approached the phantom and tried to touch her, except they felt a strange resistance around her body. Finally, one girl stood between the teacher’s chair and table, passing through the apparition. The doppelganger remained motionless before slowly fading and ultimately vanished. Sagee never the phantom but has claimed that she often felt very tired and fatigued when it appeared.

Effects of the doppelganger

While it’s extremely rare for someone to meet their other half, there are rumors stating that it is a bad omen or a warning of death for you and your twin. If ever you see a copy of yourself, turn the other way and run as fast as possible. Moreover, if you continue to see your copy, superstition claims that it means your demise.

There is also a myth stating that if you see someone’s doppelganger, it means that they will arrive soon. There are many stories of people Meeting their friends with the real person showing up a few minutes later. There are still many unknown things about doppelgangers. Are they real? However, it’s always better to be safer than sorry when you came to face to face with yourself.