The “final fantasy” franchise is a wonderful universe filled with plenty of stories about heroism, courage, love, pain, and death. Square Enix usually ends their stories with a solid finale that should patch up all the plot holes within the game. However, there are times when fans sometimes look deeply into the plot and begin to devise theories about it. These speculations have been floating around the internet, with many people believing that they might actually be true. However, the “Final Fantasy” Producer has finally addressed these myths and put them to rest.

Death to the Squall’s dead theory, among others

Final Fantasy” producer Yoshinori Kitase sat down with Kotaku to discuss the various myths fans have made throughout the years. While some might be excited to learn that their theory might be true, Kitase actually debunked all of them. Firstly, he claimed that Gogo from the sixth game was neither Daryl, General Leo, nor Adlai Stevenson. He claimed that he and Umaro were “just there for you to select” if you wanted them in battle, no back story attached.

Moving on, he also debunked the theory about Squall dying after the events of the first disc in his game. Many claimed that he actually “dreamt” the whole situation following Edea’s assassination attempt since she struck him with a deadly ice spear.

Kitase noted that the blow was to his shoulder and not any vital organ, hence why he survived. Nonetheless, he claimed that he might go along with that theory if they ever decided to remake the eighth game.

Another famous theory from the same game was that Ultimecia was actually Rinoa. The producer claimed that it isn’t true and they wouldn’t incorporate that idea into the game.

Although, he admitted that they are similar in a sense since they’re both witches.

Aerith’s death

Another thing fans claimed was that there was a bug in the seventh game that could revive Aerith and bring her back to the party. Kitase, on the other hand, mentioned that the foundation for “FF7” was about the importance human life and the weight behind losing it.

They released a survey back in the day asking children if they believed people could come back from the dead, and most of them answered yes. They wanted to work around this idea and the theme about human life became their core concept for “Final Fantasy VII.” The said title picked up a lot of popularity and is even getting a remake with no official release date as of now.