Wikipedia defines the eye of a storm as a place of relative calmness. Those affected by the centers of Hurricanes this past week believe they were spared the devastation experienced by others. Irma left a path of death and destruction and at least 11 deaths in her trail but Hurricane Hunters were amazed at what they saw.

In the eye of Hurricane Irma

In Cudjoe Key, Cindy Dresow and Jim Hoffman said they were in the eye of Hurricane Irma and survived. They said being in the center of the storm gave them some relief from the 130 mph winds that were blowing around them.

They escaped with a hole in the roof of their home and said a railway caboose car had been blown across the street. Some storm chasers seemed fascinated by what they observed, flying high above the winds and the waves.

Hurricane chasers described the view from above Irma to be pretty amazing. From their bird's eye view, the tropical storm looked like a sports arena dome. This is a fascinating aspect of nature. Those in the center of the devastating wind and water and the ones who can fly high above the eye of the swirling cyclone have a safety net. They are not affected by the tumultuous wind and rain that outside of their zone is destroying buildings and changing lives forever.

Hurricane Irma left her mark

Unfortunately, not everyone can be centered in the eye of a tropical storm, or fly high above it until it passes. The couple who emerged unscathed and also the Hurricane hunters, all had a harsh reality waiting when they surveyed the aftermath of Irma. These are the unpleasantries of life. While one person is marveling at the wonders of nature, someone else is dealing with the pain and suffering that it also brings.

Loss of life, property, and suffering are difficult to deal with. Irma, Harvey, and Jose have taken a toll, that some may never recover from.

People are being housed in shelters, and some cannot find loved ones they have not heard from since before the Hurricanes began, There is also a lack of water and food and millions of dollars worth of damage that needs repair.

In spite of all of these, there is still an awe that comes with the revelations from the center of all the trouble. Those lucky enough to find themselves inside the eye of Irma did not experience the damage of others who were just outside that realm of protection. The tropical storm chasers who were able to fly high above it all received the blessing of a view that those of us down below did not have the benefit of. These are the wonders and the curiosities of the life we live.