All across America, theories abound as to the root cause of recent Hurricanes. According to an article in "The Washington Post" Harvey and Irma are being said to have come upon the nation because of the Solar Eclipse, mass abortions, God's judgment and also demonic activity.

Some Christians believe the tropical storms are a sign of the end times

A number of Christian preachers are suggesting that the back to back tropical storms are a sign of the Return Of Christ. Jim Baker and his son Ricky stated that recent events are a sign that God is judging America, while Christian activist Kirk Cameron says that Irma and also Hurricane Jose are a "spectacular display of God's power." Anti-abortion activist Randall Terry said the weather is not the result of global warming but is the wrath of God on a nation that has shed innocent blood by allowing millions of abortions.

The Washington Post also reported that there was a mass prayer session on Periscope with people commanding demons to vacate the eye of the storm during Hurricane Irma. And also quoted a Christian blogger named Gary Ray who said the Bible predicts that there would be such weather before the return of Jesus Christ to the earth. Ray also said that there would be a pattern of stars in the sky on September 23rd which would resemble a woman giving birth. He said this is outlined in the book of revelation.

No one knows the day nor hour of Christ's return

None of these theories can be proven beyond the shadow of a doubt, and even if they could those who do not believe in God are not going to listen to anyway.

When people who read the same Bible give so many conflicting views related to the same issue it can be confusing. One thing that is certain is that in Matthew 24:36 Christ said that no one, not even He himself knew the day nor the hour of His return.

Whether these tropical storms indicate the end of the world is near or not remains to be seen.

Truthfully the end comes for people every day. The only thing any of us can do is live each day to the fullest with the hand that life has dealt us. When the end comes, whether by death, rapture or God's judgment, every one of us will then find out what is waiting in the after life. Those who believe when you die it's all over will continue to live as they always have because they have no hope of anything more.

Those who do believe in the Bible and in an after life should live each day in the manner that they believe will get them there. Harvey, Jose, and Irma have left devastation in their trail so if you believe Christ will reward your faithfulness please get out and help those who have been affected by the Hurricanes. After all, He did command that His followers look out for the least of these.