Prince George, the four-year-old son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, started school a couple of weeks ago, but there are some rules that even members of the royal family must follow. It might sound odd, but Prince George is not allowed to have a best friend at school.

Cute photos of the third in line to the throne were posted online on his first day of school. Prince George was wearing a little blue uniform as he walked beside his father, Prince William, to Thomas's school in Battersea, London where Prince George is known as George Cambridge.

Best friends not allowed

If you are not royal and your kids go to school in America, you probably want them to become friends with their schoolmates. You might be delighted if your child comes home and reports that he or she has a best friend at school. That will never be the case with Prince George. He will not have a best friend in his prep school. The school has a strict policy that discourages children from choosing one best friend.

Thomas's school has a very good explanation for the "No Best Friend" policy. Jane Moore was on a panel on the television show "Loose Women." She lives near the school and knows some of the children there. She revealed the prep school's policy. She says there are signs throughout the school that encourage kindness to everyone.

The reason for that is to keep anyone from feeling left out. No child is to be considered to be more popular than another. For instance, if a child hands out invitations in school to a birthday party, every child in his class must get one.

About Thomas's school

People are surprised that Prince George is going to Thomas’s Battersea because it is not close to Kensington Palace.

The public thought the four-year-old future king would go to Wetherby in Notting Hill where Prince William and Prince Harry attended.

After the principals, Ben Thomas and Tobyn Thomas found out about the Duke and Duchess' decision to send their son to the school their parents started; they were notified about the rules. They made it clear that they did not want their son's attendance at Thomas's to change the aims, values, or mission in any way.

They added that they want Prince George to enjoy the same education that all of the students receive.

Unfortunately, an incident occurred at Thomas's just days after Prince George enrolled. A 40-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of an attempted burglary. The school now has heavy security for the protection of all the 540 students, ages 4-13, and their teachers.