Prince George, the firstborn child of Prince William and Kate Middleton, is not allowed to have a best friend in school, Harper's Bazaar reported. The royal son has just begun his school education at Thomas' Battersea London Day.

Television show “Loose Women” revealed that the school has a policy that does not allow students to have a best friend while on the premises. “Loose Women” is a discussion-oriented talk show aired on ITV, featuring a four-women panel.

One of the women on the panel, Jane Moore explained the new policy that will affect Prince George.

Moore apparently lives nearby Prince George’s new school and knows some parents whose children study in the same school, Harper’s Bazaar added.

No best friend policy

The son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge must certainly adhere to the policy as well. The talk show host also noted that the school implements this rule to promote its values and “ethos.”

She explained that the school does not encourage students to have best friends because of their belief that no children should be left out. Schools usually have scenarios where students form strong bonds with their classmates, leaving others behind. Thomas’ Battersea London Day Schools does not want pupils to be excluded from certain groups, the report added.

“There’s a policy that if your child is having a party, you don’t give out invites in class,” Moore added in the talk show. This is one of the examples given, of schools that allow children to form social groups with their closest classmates.

High-end diet

Best friends or not, the children that attend school alongside Prince George, have food choices that are not found in other schools, Tasting Table reported.

The prince will have a three-week menu cycle, complete with health herbs, salmon fillet with salsa, "lamb ragout" and Mediterranean couscous. This diet program is unlike any other kindergarten school that usually provides meat, "canned green beans," and fruit cocktails.

His lunch box will also include ratatouille in three beans and Portuguese egg custard tarts for dessert.

According to the official website of Thomas’ Battersea London Day School, the goal of this set-up has always been to provide a "balanced meal" to students.

“Each term, the catering team develops a range of ideas and dishes with an emphasis on healthy cooking, full flavor, and presentation,” general catering manager Mark Newman said. The menu provided for their kindergarten students also changes as the new season comes in.