For a balanced life, it is important to consider the emotional heart and logical mind equally. Dealing relationships with an emotional heart and with a logical mind is important for a strong bond.

Public speaker and US author, Dale Carnegie said, "when dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with the creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion, creatures bristling with prejudice and motivated by pride and vanity."

Emotions: The unconscious language

Emotion is known as the unconscious language of our minds. Emotional decisions are based on personal experiences and not on something that is a fact.

Emotions mostly outweigh the logical facts in your life. In persuading something or someone, emotions help you a lot.

In fact these are emotions that help you to execute an argument successfully. When you don't have emotional effects in a message, you're trying to convey to the audience, results won't be satisfactory if you want to pursue something.

As a fact, emotions require much less effort as compared to logics. Emotions have an automatic effect on every individual around you.

Logic: The reality

We are not rational human beings. Most of the time, we don't react to situations only if they seem right. Its really a tough job to persuade an emotional person with logics. People agree to the decisions when they are based on logical reasoning.

But if people disagree to something, they mostly come up with something emotional in their defense.

The fact that an argument appeals to us is because it has a logical reason behind it. Like if we discuss something being legitimate, whether it is true or false, we still have the logical reasoning as a back up to come up with something reasonable at the end.

Balance is important

According to studies, emotions are considered to be more powerful than logics. Imagination wins over reality sometimes. If we want to talk to children about their fears, we have to see things emotionally because sometimes logical reasoning doesn't affect children over their imaginations.

Having a balanced life from every aspect is really important for Human Beings.

Emotions have the job of creating movement and actions in life. Logics provide the strong base for emotions in order to create those movements. We can be persuasive only if we take both, emotions and logics equally. Otherwise, things would result as being unsatisfactory and short-termed.