Rumors have recently surfaced that former NBA star Lamar Odom is interested in joining in on the BIG3 games and wants to play for the Killer 3s team. However, a current member of the Killer 3s charles oakley has stated that he does not want Odom to play on the team as he has had too many chances already. Co-founder Ice Cube has expressed contrary opinions about Odom's interest.

Oakley has responded to rumors that Lamar Odom has expressed an interest in joining his team

According to Bleacher Report, former NBA star Lamar Odom has expressed an interesting in joining the Killers 3s basketball team.

Odom spent fourteen seasons in the NBA before he began to lose his battle with drug and alcohol addiction. Lamar left the NBA and has since suffered an overdose due to drug addiction and has been working hard to remain in remission ever since.

When the rumors first surfaced the former NBA player and current member of the Killer 3s Charles Oakley has expressed his opinions about Lamar's desire to join the team. According to BR, Oakley has stated that he does not like the idea and that he does not want Odom being part of their team.

Oakley stated that while he thinks that Odom is talented that people only get one chance in life. He went on to claim that Odom has had three or four chances now and that he is not going to play with someone like that on his team.

This was Oakley's first time out in the BIG3 games and it is clear that he does not want Odom to mess up his chance at winning.

The co-founder of the BIG3 games has come forward and stated that he has no problem with Odom joining in

According to Bleacher Report, Ice Cube is the co-founder of the BIG3 Basketball games and has come forward to address the rumors about Odom joining the team.

Ice Cube appears to have no problem with Lamar Odom joining in on the games, and has expressed his like for the former NBA star.

Cube stated that he loves Lamar Odom and thinks that he is a very talented basketball player. Ice Cube has confirmed that he would love to see Lamar Odom playing again but that the former NBA star has to get back in shape before he joins up.

The co-founder has stated that Lamar has the entirely wrong idea if he thinks that he is just going to walk off the streets and play on the BIG3 courts.

He has stated that once Lamar puts in the effort and gets back into shape that they would gladly take him but not before. It appears that there are conflicting opinions among the BIG3 community about Lamar joining them.

Fans of Lamar Odom would love to see the former NBA star back on the courts, however, Odom has yet to confirm his intentions in regards to playing in the games.