charles oakley is known as one of the most physically intimidating and dominating presences in NBA history. While Charles played most of his career as a New York Knick, he also played four seasons for the Bulls, three seasons as a Toronto Raptor and one season in both the Wizards and Rockets. But his best basketball was clearly in a Knicks uniform, averaging 10.4 PPG, 10.0 RPG, 2.3 APG and 1.2 SPG in his ten seasons with the franchise.

But it was a comment made by the illustrious and unique, Dennis Rodman, that had Mr. Oakley annoyed. These two have had their history, being two of the most dominant rebounders in the 90's.

They've trashed talked on the court and went to birthday celebrations off the court; they certainly know each other well. But Rodman's comment about King James ticked off Oakley enough for him to take his disgust to Twitter, regarding the situation.

Charles Oakley makes critical comment on Dennis Rodman

While the internet wasn't around in his playing days and wasn't used as a site to release venom for another player, Charles Oakley still decided to take to his Twitter when commenting about the Rodman-LeBron situation. This situation started when Dennis Rodman made a few critical statements about LeBron and his lack of toughness for resting games. Steve Kerr is a notable figure who came out to talk about the situation and downplay Rodman's comments, but it seems another huge NBA figure has let his thoughts be known.

Charles Oakley said:

Charles certainly feels LeBron James is making smart decisions for his health when rest games are presented to him and isn't afraid to go right at The Worm when discussing the topic. He is correct; a successful basketball player doesn't have to be tough. Whether LeBron is tough or not is another debate, but what we can say is that toughness can be very useful in basketball, but isn't the definition of a great ball player.

LeBron has had Oakley's back in the past also

During the early stages of February this year, Charles Oakley was brought under a lot of scrutinies after being arrested at a Knicks game in the Madison Square Garden. This was due to a push and shove battle he had with another man in the stands, where the security needed to take him away.

Many felt Charles was disrespected by the Knicks safety and personal after being such a great player for them over the years, and now he's being mistreated. One particular name that also felt this was LeBron James. LeBron expressed to the media his appreciation for Oakley, and why he was taking his back in the situation. James went as far as to say "Charles Oakley for President" during a postgame interview, endorsing the Knicks legend in a sarcastic and severe way.