Ahoy people of earth dimension C-137, and related devotees of "Rick and Morty". In the event that you're here in this moment, which you clearly are, you certainly know the reality concerning how much this show is about cross references and Easter eggs. If you haven't looked closely enough, there is an extensive measure you have missed on this show.

As far back as the start of this show, it has declared various qualifications with each passing day and season. Fans have paid tribute to the show in any and each compelling artwork possible. From canvases to accounts, from remixes to instrumental/vocal spreads, from 8-bit craftsmanship renders to vivified character re-creation.

The show's prominence has ascended to an untouchable space and is a prominent web sensation also. The web cherishes anything that is certified and unparalleled, and "Rick and Morty" so happens to be both.

We've assembled a spectacular portion of the coolest "Rick and Morty" Wallpapers for your smartphone, accumulated from everywhere throughout the web, just to make your personal devices significantly more Schwifty than they as of now are. What's more is that in the event that you already sport a "Rick and Morty" Wallpaper on your mobile, you could check the ones we have here, in light of the fact that there is an extremely strong possibility you may not have seen these before on the grounds that we have nineteen of them for you.



Starting this awesome list off with this one. "Rick and Morty" floating in the middle of space. Classic Rick enjoying a box of wafers amidst all the majesty of the universe.


Rick being manic with his trusty and beloved portal gun while sucking helpless Morty into it who seems to be captured by some alien squid.


Here’s Rick Sanchez with some really well drawn Meeseeks. The one who is supposed to teach golf to Jerry is here too. LOOK AT HIM!


A very thoughtful Rick Sanchez, drawn by Shrineheart.

Must be a real burden to know and feel everything.


Here’s Rick in a very pop artsy style. The colors are delicious in this one.


This rendition of Rick and Morty has a very interesting art style, focussing on the finer details of the characters.


Just the most awesome grandpa-grandson duo having a good time.


This incredible artwork which resembles a historic oil painting has been making rounds on the internet, and we figured we should include it as it’d make a fine wallpaper.


Rick and Morty as the Caped Crusaders Batman and Robin. Quite a neat fit, this.


Rick Sanchez as Akira. KAWAII!




Rick and Morty head to their roots in the Back to the Future themed wallpaper.


Evil Rick and Morty. Evil Morty is the one character we are awaiting the return of.


Look who it is! It’s Mister Poopy Butthole! Ooh Wee!



Here’s a cute version of Rick indulging himself with the infinite mysteries of the universe.


The whole of Smith-Sanchez family floating through space. And there’s Snuffles too!


Rick looks pimped out in this one! Definitely a good look for him.


Rick and Morty breaking it real bad, cooking some blue crystals.