During the summer days, the temperature keeps on rising to a particular limit, and the air around is also hot. When the temperature of your body increases, it releases Sweat. Sweat is the moisture that your body excretes. When this moisture evaporates from different parts of your body, you feel a little chilled.

There is this rule of science that states that "evaporation causes cooling." This is the reason why, when you get out of the pool all wet, you get a refreshing feeling and you feel a bit chilled during summers. When the atmosphere gets humid around you, then the real problem arises.

Regular heat is still acceptable, and people somehow manage to survive in it. But when the weather gets humid, it is awful and annoying. Actually what happens is that the process of evaporation of perspiration from your body gets slowed down to a great extent. This is because there is already enough moisture in the air during the days of humidity. So the air does not have the capacity to absorb sweat in it, and thus the sweat does not evaporate from your skin and stays there for a long while. It proves to be very sticky and discomforting.

Evaporation of heat

We can consider the air to be something like a sponge. When it has less water in it, there is more room for some additional water to get absorbed in it.

But when it already absorbs a lot of water in it then there is less space left it in for the absorption of any more liquid. Same is the case for air.

At the time when the heat of summer is at its peak, every pore of the skin can start to pour the sweat from it.The number of water vapors is directly proportional to the amount of humidity in the atmosphere.

Warm air has more capacity to hold the moisture as compared to cooler air. The sweat keeps on beading up on your face and forehead, and it does not get evaporated when the humidity increase.

As a result, the sweat does not provide a cooling relief anymore and it gets stinkier. When the humidity is at its extreme and heat waves get produced, it can make the body overheated and fatigued to a great extent.

It can even cause death in the case of some of the vulnerable people.


When it is hot and humid, the internal body temperature keeps on increasing to an absolute limit and, thus, the body cranks out more and more sweat. It makes you feel hotter, stickier and the danger of dehydration also increases. When you get perspired, your body loses minerals, salts, and water. You must drink a lot of water during summer days.