Soaring temperatures in the United States prompted Washington D.C.’s officials to set off the Heat Emergency Plan on Sunday, June 18. The plan was activated after rising temperatures were recorded in several parts of the country and high humidity created potential unsafe conditions for the Americans.

The weather forecast gang from The Washington Post predicted that the area will experience immense humidity and hot weather. One can also expect irregular afternoon storms to take place.

National Weather Service issues health advisory alert

A heat advisory alert has been issued from noon until 6 p.m.

by the National Weather Service for Arlington, Alexandria, Washington, and Falls Church. Heat index up to 105 was recorded in the above-mentioned areas. In Sacramento, California, the temperatures touched three digits and rose to 106 degrees in the afternoon on Sunday, June 18. This was the highest temperature to be recorded in the last 75 years in the region.

The last record of high temperature Sacramento experienced was 105 degrees in 1945. The record setting temperature was documented by the NWS around 3:45 p.m. local time. However, by 4:30 p.m., the temperature had gone down to 105 degrees only to rise up again to 106 degrees by the same day evening. Although 106 degrees can be considered as soaring temperatures, the weather department predicted that it could rise to 108 as well.

Apart from Sacramento, its neighboring cities such as Red Bluff, Redding, and Chico, also experienced high heat on June 18, with the temperature ranging between 109 to 111 degrees. Temperatures reached 108 degrees in Yuba City and Stockton, which are located closer to Sacramento. NWS is expecting temperatures to range between 105 to 110 degrees in Sacramento on Monday.

However, till Thursday, the same region may experience 102 to 110 degrees of heat.

What is the Heat Emergency Plan?

As and when the Heat Emergency Plan is activated in a city, the designated cooling centers of that area open up. This plan is set in motion only when temperature or heat index touches 95 degrees in that particular area; in this case, Washington D.C.

Activation of The Heat Emergency Plan and opening of the cooling centers in the districts are carried out by the district government.

One can take shelter from the blistering heat in District recreation facilities such as senior centers, libraries, or other buildings having air conditioning. The NWS also advises visitors and residents of the district where the Heat Emergency Plan has been activated to take additional steps to beat the weather. It suggests the people stay indoors or under shade whenever possible, and drink plenty of water.