Almost every household has a microwave oven. That's one kitchen appliance that is used daily to cook and heat certain foods. It is estimated that those who own one have put something in it that they shouldn't whether it is a food or a container.

Percy L. Spencer invented the appliance by accident in 1946, and it stood five foot six inches tall and weighed 750 pounds. Today, the appliance is much smaller and weighs far less.


Never attempt to cook eggs in the microwave even if you are in a rush in the morning. When they get too hot they will explode and leave you with nothing but the shells.

Never try to microwave hot peppers because the capsaicin that makes peppers spicy will gush out into your face when you open the door and the vapor will burn your eyes and throat.

Don't put frozen or fresh fruit in the microwave to warm it. Fruit, especially grapes, will explode and might even start a fire. Raisins will smoke and emit plasma that will ruin your appliance. It is best to let frozen fruit thaw out at room temperature rather than heating them in the microwave.

Bread is not good for your microwave, and your microwave is not good for your bread. Bread becomes chewy if left in too long.

Most vegetables can be reheated, but not broccoli. The heat will destroy 97 percent of the nutrients.

Steaming vegetables is a much better option.

If you try to thaw frozen meat, the heat will cook the edges of the meat before it is defrosted. It is better not to thaw frozen meat in the appliance.

Never heat up a sauce or dip without covering the dish. If not, you will end up with more sauce or dip splattered all over the microwave than in the container.


A lot of people might put water in the microwave to make instant coffee or tea. That's not a good idea because it could be very dangerous. The hot water could splatter on your face and cause serious injury.

Never warm breast milk because the heat will deplete the liquid of its nutrients. Also, never put a baby's plastic bottles in the microwave.


A lot of people save plastic containers to store food in. Actually, they are made to be used once and only once. If you put them in the oven, the plastic will melt and harmful chemicals will go directly into your food.

Do not use containers from the Chinese restaurant containers because of the metal wires that hold the container together. Metal will catch on fire. For the same reason, aluminum foil is a kind of metal and will catch on fire. Use a safe dish instead of aluminum foil or plastic wrap.

Do not use styrofoam containers or plates. The heat will melt them. Like plastic, toxic chemicals will be released into the food that's inside the container.

Never run an empty microwave oven because there is nothing to absorb the waves. Therefore, they will be absorbed into the appliance itself, and the microwave oven could self-destruct or start a fire.