When new mothers are expecting their first baby, they go through plenty of emotions. They are excited, scared and they don't know what to expect. Will their first baby be a breeze or will the baby suffer from colic and cry all the time? Will he or she be able to breastfeed? Or will the newborn become a formula baby? While new mothers can prepare the nursery, buy the clothes and wash the breast pump, they cannot prepare for the emotional rollercoaster they will go through.

Once the little one arrives, time will stand still. Chores will become less important and mothers can spend hours just adoring their little new baby.

But life has to continue and after being pregnant for nine months, mothers may want to start getting back into a routine. As a first-time mom, it's important to keep moving along and do things to keep you mentally active. Changing diapers can quickly become a repetitive chore.

Activities inside the home

While motherhood is great, you need to give yourself a break. While you can't just leave the baby, there are ways you can get things done within the home. If your newborn likes his or her independence, get them to nap in their bassinets or cribs, so you can use both hands. Clean up toys, make yourself a cup of tea or juice, and throw your feet up. Relax your feet and arms, because, within an hour, your child is going to want you again.

If you do have a clingy new wonder, consider getting a baby carrier. These carriers allow you to get things done in the home without having to put the baby down. This can include chores, such as emptying the dishwasher, cleaning and even vacuuming the home. Babies enjoy white noise, so the vacuuming may put him or her right to sleep.

Sometimes, you can get really tired from carrying the baby around. If this is the case, put a comforter down on the floor and place your baby there. You can buy a jungle gym to place over the baby, so he or she can practice eye-hand coordination or place toys on either side of the baby to encourage rolling over.

What you can do with a little baby outside the home

Since it is currently summer, you can take the baby for a walk if you find that he or she won't sleep. If your baby enjoys the outside weather, consider going to a park and putting a blanket on the grass. Bring his or her favorite toys to the park and continue practicing rolling over.

If you do have a big stroller with lots of pockets or carrying spaces, you could combine your walks with grocery shopping or running errands. Even if your baby doesn't sleep during your walk, at least you exposed your baby to new sounds and colors.

What do you do with your baby when you need to get things done?