Some of the highest paid Actors are on the list nobody wants to be on. Sometimes celebrities end up on the "Most Hated" list not because of their acting skill but because of something they have done to negatively affect the way people see them. Whatever the reason actors end up on this list, it takes a lot for them to get off. Even though these hated actors still make money from their careers, they are far from being popular with the general public.

Top 5

It is no surprise that Bill Cosby is at the top of the "Most Hated" list. It has nothing to do with his acting skills over the years.

Cosby was once one of America's favorite television fathers. Because of the sexual assault scandal that has surrounded him for the last few years, the public has written him off as the most hated. His reputation and character have been tarnished.

Following close behind Bill Cosby is Chris Brown. While he dabbles in acting only a little, it has been enough for him to be on the "Most Hated" list. Being physically abusive to women has affected his acting more than his music. It is sad that Chris Brown at 28 is second to 79-year-old Bill Cosby.

Stephen Collins, who played the dad on "7th Heaven" for 11 seasons left the public spellbound when charges of sexual abuse of a minor became known. The once popular patriarch of the television family has become the third most hated actor.

Mel Gibson is talented as a director, but his acting career was tarnished because of drinking, media attacks, racism, and anti-Semitism. He is at number 4 on the list. He would have been higher on the list, but the public gave him the benefit of the doubt after his recent film "Hacksaw Ridge."

Sean Penn is a two-time Oscar winner, but the public doesn't like him because of his political principles and his media attacks.

He is not a favorite among viewers.

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Casey Affleck is the sixth most hated because of his sexual harassment charges by two women were overlooked because of his film "Manchester by the Sea." Hulk Hogan was never a good actor, to begin with, but after the sex tape scandal, racist remarks and other things came out about the former wrestler, he ended up as the seventh most hated man.

The eighth person on the list is Woody Allen. The public has nothing bad to say about his writing, directing and acting ability. However, his off-screen drama has made him end up on this list. He was accused of sexual abuse toward his adopted daughter.

The ninth person on the list is18-year-old Jaden Smith, the son of the talented Will Smith and Jada Pickett Smith. Jaden's acting ability is below average, but it his behavior off camera that put him on the "Most Hated" list. His tweets and other controversies have rubbed the public the wrong way.

The tenth person on the list is Charlie Sheen who was once the highest-paid actor. His personal struggles with alcohol and sex caused him to be disliked by the public. After he left "Two and a Half Men" his life seemed to have spiraled out of control, and the public noticed.