Women can hold lots of things in their bras: money, chap stick, and their credit cards. It makes a great place to keep up with things and some bras even have built in pockets. Some women have been found with or discovered Strange things in their bras. Here are a few of the strangest.

The one with the bearded dragon

A thirty-nine-year-old in Massachusetts was driving under the influence in her Mercedes. She managed to take out half a dozen mailboxes on her drunken path. When she finally stopped she’d managed to tear up someone’s yard. The woman was lucky she didn't harm anyone as she put holes in all her tires and took off both bumpers.

She also had a Bearded Dragon Lizard in her bra. The lizard also wasn't harmed but was turned over to Animal Control after a brief stay at the police department. The mugshot of the women shows a grin that tells everyone, she isn’t remorseful of driving drunk or endangering the lizard in her shirt.

The one with the snakes

A woman tried to sneak snakes into Sweden by putting them in her bra and was arrested when she landed. The woman had placed dozens of baby snakes in her bra, which just seems like a way to get bitten. Further investigation also found some lizards inside her bra, which the woman wanted to bring with her to start her own reptile farm. This takes the term petting zoo to a whole new level.

The one with the bat

A teenager in Norwich North was shocked to find a baby bat tucked away in her bra. Even more surprising, the bat had been there since she got dressed that morning, which meant it was nestled in for four hours. It had probably felt warm and comfy there despite the movement it had to feel. She only noticed it when she felt movement inside her bra which had been hung on the line the night before.

Since the bat was the size of her hand, it's surprising she didn't notice it sooner.

Bats like warm and dark places, and the bra seemed to be the perfect place for him to catch a few z’s. Luckily the hotel manager where she worked was able to release the bat for her in a nice garden where it could find a more appropriate place to nap.

Women have tried to conceal drugs, guns, and stolen money in their bras, but concealing animals puts their booby baskets on a whole different playing field than those chicks. Do you - or your spouse - have the nasty habit of using a bra as an extra set of pockets? Have you - or your spouse - ever stored something a little strange there? Do you think you'd ever store an animal there?