Has your newborn ever woke you up in the middle of the night by constantly crying for hours and gasping for air? Most moms and dads have experienced this situation when we hear our baby cry as if he or she is in pain. This is what we call as a Colicky baby.

Making your newborn stop crying is pretty challenging and there are times as parents we do not know what to do, but with these simple Tips, we can help our baby feel better.

Colic in a nutshell

Let us tackle what makes a baby colicky. Some experts believe this is caused by an allergic reaction to the milk or what we know as lactose intolerance.

Be it through breastfeeding or formula, the baby may suffer from allergies and stomach pains which, in turn, causes them to have a colicky behavior. Other times, due to too much crying, babies tend to inhale more air resulting them to be gassy which can make them feel uneasy and uncomfortable.

What to do when this happens

Colic is not a disease so there is no cure for it. However, there are several ways to soothe a colicky baby. One good way to help soothe your child is by swaddling them. Babies like to be wrapped tightly especially when being held and swayed. We can also try to give the baby a massage by laying them tummy down and gently rubbing his or her back. This method can help babies release any gas they might have.

You could also try warming the baby by gently placing a warm towel on their belly or by simply giving him or her a warm bath. These methods can help our baby when he or she feels uncomfortable due to colic.

When all else fails

If the child is still frustrated, it would be better to consult with your doctor regarding your baby’s constant crying.

Doctors can rule out other possible causes, like intestinal problems or urinary infections and they will also want to check if your baby is being properly fed and developing normally.

Do remember that if your baby has other symptoms, like vomiting, fever or bloody stools, call the doctor immediately. These symptoms are needed to be checked as soon as possible since they are not due to colic.

Overall, there are tons of ways to soothe or calm down a colicky baby. But the most important thing we can do is to be patient with the child and also to ourselves. If the following remedies do not work, put the baby down so we can breathe and relax for a bit. This way, we will be able to analyze the situation properly and to know what the baby truly needs. Above all, we must simply show and make them feel that they are loved.