After her 13-year-old son received messages in his yearbook from his classmates, telling him to end it all, he almost committed suicide. Following the incident, his mother, Shannon Hansen, took to Facebook on Friday to share an image of the hateful messages and obscenities written by his classmates at Glacier Middle School during lunch that day.

Classmates write horrific messages in teen's yearbook

As the school year came to an end on June 16, the bullied teenager seriously considered suicide, telling KOMO News that he almost believed at the time that the bullies were right.

While reading the curse words and messages telling him to kill himself – and that he should do the world a favor by dying – he almost did exactly that. A victim of on-going bullying, the teen said on reading the messages, he couldn’t take everyone being mean to him anymore.

The teen left the school, heading to the river where he planned to drown himself to get away from the misery. The 13-year-old sent a text message to his mother to say “goodbye,” adding that he was sorry, but he couldn’t take the bullying any more, adding maybe they were right and he should commit suicide.

KOMO reports that Hansen immediately went to try and find her son, telling the news service he had been bullied all year and these messages were the final straw.

She said she felt panic, sickness and devastation over the possible loss of her son. However, she discovered the boy on the road leading to the river – he had fortunately changed his mind about ending it all. The police were immediately called in to investigate the matter.

Teen is finding support after he came close to suicide

Since the teen’s experience went viral, the 13-year-old has discovered he does have a lot of people supporting him. He has received kind words and encouragement from many, with the general message being that the bullied teenager should keep his head up and stay strong.

A 'learning moment' for students and parents

Everyone involved in the incident believes this near tragedy can become a learning moment for both students and their parents. Hansen and her son spoke to the media so that others can learn from the incident, which is the direct result of bullying at the school.

In Hansen’s post on Facebook, she said she was shocked that the students could be so cruel to her son, saying he had walked out of the school and called her in tears. She added that she wasn’t leaving the school until they find out who wrote the horrific messages.

Since then authorities from the White River School District have said in a statement that they are “deeply concerned” about the brutal and harrowing messages written in the teenager’s yearbook.

Superintendent Janel Keating-Hambly said their immediate concern is for the well-being and safety of the teenager and that the administration is working with the student and his family.

While police are investigating to find out who the culprits were that wrote the cruel and bullying messages, the Buckley police chief did say any potential suspects were probably too young to face charges for their actions.