If there is someone special who you'd like to Pop The Question to, you're going to have to consider what you're going to present to her as a symbol of your love and commitment. Shopping for an Engagement Ring is not as simple as shopping for every other piece of jewelry. Therefore, here are 6 mistakes to avoid why buying an engagement ring.

Assuming all tastes are the same

Simple. You buy the engagement ring that can send an SOS into space at midnight and the girl is yours. If you nodded your head in agreement with that statement you’re already in big trouble.

The symbol of engagement has long been the larger than life diamond ring, it’s the gem the girls flash without words to say “I’m getting married!”

However, women have grown to enjoy their individuality and, in turn, the ring should represent just that. Some women now prefer colored diamonds or different gems. Have no fear, there are numerous jewelry shops waiting to give you what you need.

Deciding against ample research

Deciding to go straight to the only jewelry store you keep passing on your way to work is mistake number two. Quality is of utmost importance at this delicate stage of your life, the price is only one factor to pay attention to when shopping for the right ring. Research is necessary, using newspapers and online resources will assist you in locating the top jewelers closest to you.

A reminder — don't put your focus on only diamonds, based on what was stated above under the heading, "Assuming all tastes are the same." You should also know there is a standard method when shopping for diamonds in particular; it’s called “The 4 C’s”.

Rushing through the process rather than taking the necessary time

The buying process, though fairly simple, can have you quite nervous and understandably so.

It is a major life event. Do not rush this process and don’t let anyone tell you "you’re taking too long." If you need to leave the store and return the following day, do that. Your heart must be in that final decision.

Failing to insure the ring

Regardless of the ring you choose, it’s more than likely going to cost a significant amount of money — money you’ve worked very hard for.

On this note, it is best to have the engagement ring insured.

Whether you are careful or not, situations such as , or it being stolen can happen, and it is definitely not worth the headache not having the relevant insurance. When purchasing the ring the jeweler may ask you about insurance if not you are free to ask.

Overlooking the wedding band and how it will fit with the engagement ring

Let’s not forget that the precious engagement ring has to be in sync with the wedding band. Whether in color or in shape the two rings are eventually worn together. That means when you are purchasing the engagement ring you should have the jeweler assist you in finding the perfect match.

Forgetting to check the right ring size prior to purchasing

With all the hype of purchasing the right gem and the matching wedding band, it’s easy to overlook ring size. In light of the surprise element, here are a few ideas to gauge ring size without spoiling the moment:

· If she has a best friend who can keep a secret, she can get you the ring size

· If you have access to her jewelry box while she is away, you can take pen and paper, place the ring on the paper and trace the inner side of the ring.

· If you have access to her jewelry box but she is always around, use a moment to simply hold the ring over your index finger to gauge size.

The engagement ring doesn’t have to be exact — it can be adjusted later. However, it would be great if the ring will at least go over her finger when she says "yes."