While being a star quarterback often comes with day to day speculation, Rodgers, quarterback of the Packers, has a right to some privacy regarding his personal life. I am only speculating here because for some NFL players, family is everything. It is what motivates them and often it is the support system they need while making it to the professional level. Often, personal issues eventually drift into professional ones, even if it takes a while.

So why is there such a rift between Rodgers and his family? Has fame changed him? Or does he have valid reasons for the conflict between him and his family?

Family feud

It is not quite clear what started Aaron Rodgers' departure from his family roots. The family has not spoken since around 2014 and there is even evidence that Rodgers skipped his grandpa's funeral to avoid seeing his immediate family. At times the family did not even have Aaron's phone number and he still has not taken calls from them.

A bit was revealed about the depth of the separation when Aaron's brother Jordan won "The Bachelorette." The family knows the dynamic is complicated, and even speculated that fame may have changed Aaron, but Jordan has admitted to missing his brother.

Some have said that the main source of the feud is Aaron's relationship with actress Olivia Munn, which his family seemed cautious about.

Yet there has not been any communication between the family and Aaron since Munn and Aaron broke up over the summer. So Munn could not have been all that was wrong with the family relationship.

Some have said that it started with arguments between Aaron and his brother Jordan, who have both been very competitive with one another throughout their lives.

Does it impact his football performance?

There is no statistical indication that the Family Feud between Aaron and his family has dramatically impacted his play on the field. Aside from Rodgers shutting down family questions at press conferences, Rodgers has not allowed the feud to interfere with his football play.

There is a possibility that his demeanor from the feud does Impact his relationships with teammates.

Past teammates like Ty Dunne and Greg Jennings have accused Rodgers of being very sensitive and holding unreasonable grudges. They have said the demeanor Rodgers has also contributes to a selfish leadership style and huge arrogance.

According to CBS Sports, there are even some anonymous teammates who believe his arrogance and personal life impact him deeply. "He knows he's doing the wrong thing, and he's so arrogant and prideful that he thinks he can separate his personal life from his professional life," an anonymous source told Bleacher Report. The source was upset that Rodgers holds grudges against people he's supposed to love without being humble, and that eventually it will catch up to the quarterback.

For now any personal issues Rodgers has with his family have not caught up to him, as his play has been spectacular over the past few seasons. Only time will tell if this player really can maintain the separation of his personal life from his professional life in such an extreme way.