On July 17, a woman among the thousands of people who eat Mcdonald's every day asked for a McDonald's Filet-O-Fish.

Alicia Specter, a Miami Beach resident, found a worm in her fish sandwich. The event took place at McDonald's which is located on the famous Alton Rd.

Unpleasant surprise after the first bite

Alicia Specter went to the restaurant, made her request, along with the request of her children and how late she was to work, Alicia asked to go. Upon arriving at her work and starting her meal, the woman took a few bites on the fish sandwich when she felt something strange in the meat.

Alicia stopped chewing immediately and began to examine the filet. After deep analysis, Alicia found something that looked like a worm."You always imagine these things will never happen. Even more in a restaurant that claims hygiene is its prime quality." said Specter.

The mother of 2 children who weekly bought burgers for her children reports that she returned to the restaurant where everything happened and says that the staff seemed to disbelieve. "They said it was a lie. A blow! They said I put the worm there, "said Specter."I did not understand. I was the victim and tried to become the villain. "

The staff just passed a phone to Alicia and told her to call and try to solve it with the "quality sector" of the restaurant.

The company said it would not comment on what happened. The restaurant asked Specter to leave the snack to be inspected, but she rejected it and claimed that it was the only proof she had.

On July 18, the company issued a note in which it claimed to have resolved the whole situation with Alicia and apologized for everything that happened.

McDonald's reimburses the customer

"We at McDonald's regret the whole situation. Our restaurant is known for quality control and hygiene. It was our fault that will not happen again. Already we have taken all the necessary measures and we will reimburse Alicia Specter. We ask all our customers not to stop eating in our restaurant for that," said Patricia Costa, restaurant quality director.

Specter made a post on Facebook on July 18 (a day after that) and showed pictures and videos of what appeared to be his snack.

The publication of Facebook demonstrates the dissatisfaction of thousands of consumers who have gone through something similar but did not go forward. The post already has more than 10,000 shares.

Alicia Specter contacted our team and says that the whole matter is being handled judicially and that she can no longer comment on the case.