Peer pressure is the influence and encouragement of an individual by others to change their belief or engage in a particular activity. These actions usually can form into spending habits. Here are 5 purchases people make because they feel Peer Pressure.


In this Case, under peer pressure, cars will have to be a luxury for you and not a necessity. Sports car, here we come. For most teens and adults, it is important to own a car, that way you keep the status, so why not live above your means -- it’s safe and popular anyway. Unfortunately, they are unaware that with an expensive car, comes high insurance, plus higher monthly payments.

Usually, because buying a vehicle is such a big responsibility and a large purchase, some might feel the need to think about it, while others believe it’s necessary to keep their social circles going for their egos.


You want to remain cool with the crowd you hang out with, so every Friday after work you head to the sports bar and have a few drinks. You don’t care that you humiliate yourself, as long as you’re cool. Well, alcohol is just as addictive as smoking. So, just like teens who drink under peer pressure, so do adults. The teens, however, may have different agendas as to why they drink under the age limit or within the age limit, but sometimes it’s just a clear case of rebellion, rather than just wanting to be the popular one.


Peer pressure can be a tough nut to crack, especially with teens. During the teen years, they search for some form of identity, and it’s necessary to be popular, when and wherever. So peer pressure is one of the reasons that will carry them down the path to several consequences and unfortunately, smoking is one of them.

Sometimes, teens smoke just out of spite and rebellion at their parents. However, smoking can also become very addictive.


The age of technology definitely provides the means of communication, in particular, smartphones. Everyone owns a phone, and everyone can surf the internet for almost anything, check emails, Facebook, and enjoy a chat room.

Everything you can imagine is possible to achieve on your smartphone. It may not be that you really want this gadget, but your friends have one and they want you to have one too. So you go out and buy an expensive smartphone. You’re not a tech-savvy kind and you struggle to understand this device because your friends say you should. Six months from now, you will be replacing what you own now with an improved device because your friends said so.

Apple products

Any Apple device is usually a trendy gadget. So, there are lots of people who must have an Apple 'anything'. They will line up for hours, just to get one of those devices. Most people would be told that this type of device is definitely what you should have.

Peer pressure again will make sure that you’re on board. At this point, you may have seen another brand that you prefer, but to not upset the whole “apple cart” (no pun intended), you give in and go for the Apple brand.

Perhaps it's time to start questioning why we buy the things we buy and the habits we cultivate. Are they our ideas of happiness and saisfaction, or do they belong to someone else?