It has usually been said, that a car is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. The wealthy probably don’t believe that, but the same goes for anyone owning a motorcycle. Few motorcycle owners have an option because they also own a vehicle, so their bike ownership is based more on fun than a regular day to work.

The rest of motorcycle owners know that it’s the only mode of transport that works for them, especially through the city streets, plus it also saves on gas. In addition to all that, it is cheaper to buy when comparing to a vehicle. Buying a used one for $1,000 is a great deal, as there’s hardly ever a used motorcycle that costs over $5,000.

Insurance is also cheaper, and you do get better Gas Mileage.

Purchasing a motorcycle

So, when you step out to purchase a motorcycle that is for more business than pleasure, make sure the ones you look at seriously have comfortable seating, maneuverability, and a size that is just right. Of course, gas mileage is very important.

When making the final choice of purchasing a motorcycle, make sure you buy one with full gear, which is usually the safest and best choice. Also, a full-face helmet and the leather jacket that is specifically for motorcycle use, as it can protect you more if you go down, that an Armani jacket would.

The video below discusses some helpful tips when buying a motorcycle:

Storage issues

Another issue to take into consideration, is how you will get around in inclement weather.

What is the best course of action? Usually, it’s recommended that you can either equip your bike with storage or just go more often to the supermarket. A two-week amount of groceries can’t fit on the bike. So, consider those things seriously. One suggestion is to shop at Amazon so that all your things are delivered to your door.

The next thing is to put your bike into storage at winter time, and while you may ride then, it’s harder and more dangerous. So public transportation will be for you during that time. You will be just fine.

Then, there’s the rain. Regardless of what season, you will experience rain often enough. The feeling of sharp pins being shot at you, is what it feels like when riding in the rain.

So, make sure and always have your rain gear handy.

Pay attention to when your basic transportation is a motorcycle and you want to have good equipment. You would also have to consider the fact that motorcycles tend to have less longevity than cars. On one hand, a car might easily live to see over 200,000 miles of road time, but on the other hand, a bike typically spends approximately 100,000 miles on the road.

To get the best out of your riding experience, especially when your bike is for basic transport, is to have the right mindset and sign up for a safety course at the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.. 90% of the time, your experience on the bike can be just as enjoyable and worthwhile, as compared to the souped up bikes bought just for fun.