DJI has just launched its brand new miniature professional drone, called the DJI Spark Drone, at a big event in New York City today. The company has specifically prepared the event to show off its much-anticipated new product that will be able to take stunning aerial photos and videos, while also being able to fit inside any backpack. The company also published a live stream event for fans outside the United States who wants to see the drone in action for the first time (see below).

The new king of ultraportable drones

The DJI Spark drone has been created to become the most portable high-quality drone in the market.

The drone itself measures at around 130x150mm, which means that it can fit in almost any backpack. Compared to the Mavic Pro, which is already a small drone, to begin with, the Spark is around half the size of its "bigger" brother. The Spark will be competing against drones such as the Dobby Drone and Yuneec Breeze, but given its superb build quality and great camera performance, DJI should still be reigning supreme in this category.

During the event, a red-colored DJI Spark was featured, which will apparently also come in a myriad of custom colors that will include Alpine White, Sky Blue, Meadow Green, Sunrise Yellow, and Lava Red. The drone is being marketed as a palm-sized hands-Free Camera that can capture day-to-day events easily.

The drone has been announced to be as light as "a can of soda," which is less than 400 grams.

The spark can also be equipped with optional propeller covers on all four propellers. The feature that sets the new drone apart from other offerings is its ability to respond to hand gestures and hand commands. The Spark has 1.4-mile range, which is controlled by either a smartphone or a controller.

Small and able

Unlike the DJI Mavic Pro, the Spark will not be able to completely tuck away its propeller arms. This might have been necessary to ensure that the device will be stable during sudden gusts or on relatively high-altitude flights. Additionally, some sacrifices also had to be made with the device's camera gimbal, which apparently is only able to move up and down.

Fortunately, the device is nimble enough to move from side to side without any problems, which should compensate nicely. The device's proximity sensors and other obstacle avoidance sensors are placed in the front of the drone and are covered by a tinted plastic. Additionally, the device is equipped with a downward facing VPS and Sonar Sensors.

Size does matter

In line with the theme for the Spark's unveiling event, "S(e)ize The Moment," the drone has been showcased to be able to get into tight spaces that other drones simply cannot traverse. DJI showed off a number of aerial footage of the device flying through tight spaces, which all but reiterates its capabilities of maneuvering through areas bigger drones could not reach.

The DJ Spark will be available for $499.99 as a standalone drone. Customers can also buy the $699 "Spark Fly More" combo, which will include extra propellers, extra batteries, propeller guards, a separate controller, and a carrying case. DJI announced that it will start shipping units in the middle of June.

Rewatch the live streamed event here: