A lot of people still get Disney World and disneyland mixed up even though they are miles apart and different in a lot of ways. While they are different from the other Disney Parks worldwide, they are different from each other here in the United States. Even so, they do have a lot in common.


Disney World is located on the East Coast in Orlando, Florida. It opened on October 1, 1971, and ticket prices were only $3.50. Today, one-day admission is $99. It is the most-visited vacation resort in the world, with an average attendance of over 53 million each day.

Disneyland is located on the West Coast in Anaheim, California. One-day admission is $96. It was the first park opened and the only one designed and built under the supervision of Walt Disney himself. It opened on July 17, 1955.


Disney World in Florida is bigger and covers 43 square miles. It is the same size as San Francisco, California. It has four theme parks, two water parks, and 23 hotels.

Disneyland is much smaller with only two parks and three hotels. You can see most of Disneyland in two days, but you will need at least four days or preferably more to scratch the surface at Disney World because it covers about 144,000 acres of land.

Disney World has 62,000 employees making it the largest single employer in the country.

Disneyland has 23,000 employees.


At Disney World, Cinderella’s Castle is in the center of the park at the Magic Kingdom and stands 189 feet tall which is more than twice as tall as Sleeping Beauty’s castle at the center of the Disneyland park that stands 77 feet tall and was built by Walt Disney's own hands.

There are about 20 of the same rides on both coasts, but each one has different rides as well.

Also, some of the same shows are at both sites, while each has its own shows.


According to most people who have visited both sites, the variety of characters is much better at the park in Orlando. Kids at the Anaheim site get to see Mickey Mouse and not many of the other characters. Children have more opportunities to get the character autographs they want in Orlando.


The food doesn't taste the same at both parks. In Florida, there are over 6,000 different places to grab something to eat. That particular theme park is known for the giant turkey legs that were first introduced in the 90s. More than 1.8 million turkey drumsticks are sold every year starting at $11 each. Smoked turkey legs weighing about 1.5 pounds are also sold at Disneyland.