"To the Max" was met with maximum hype. Putting Dj Khaled and Drake in the same studio has paid dividends in the past, with no reason to think that the same wouldn't be the case again. When the song was released on Monday morning, however, there was a mixed reaction to it. Some believed the song lived up to the hype, while others were disappointed, specifically in regard to Drake's guest appearance on the track.

'To the Max' arrives

"To the Max" popped up on Twitter and YouTube early on Monday morning. DJ Khaled had been talking about a song with "the Drake vocals," so fans had been waiting for this song particularly.

The beat behind the track sounds straight out of an episode of "Jersey Shore." There's also a sample of "Heartbroken," a T2 song from a decade ago. DJ Jayhood accused DJ Khaled of somewhat ripping off his remix to that song, but the latter couldn't be reached by The FADER to respond to those accusations.

"To the Max" itself received some disappointing reviews on Twitter. Many viewed Drake's lyrics as lacking. Other people claimed that the song wouldn't be well-received outside of the Miami area, as the style is indicative of the music in the region. Others celebrated DJ Khaled for creating a vibe that -- while less chill than "I'm the One" -- would be a good lead-in for the summer.

DJ Khaled still winning

Despite the cold reception "To the Max" received, DJ Khaled still has plenty to celebrate. His song "Shining," released back at the Grammys and featuring the husband-wife super duo of Beyonce and Jay-Z, is still reverberating on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Additionally, his song "I'm the One," which features Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper, and Lil Wayne debuted atop that same chart.

All three of those songs will appear on "Grateful," DJ Khaled's tenth studio album, set to be released later in the month. There may never be more hype attached to one of his records. Last year's "Major Key" was the first album of his to reach the pinnacle of the Billboard chart. But even then, the rapper and producer never had a song that went to No.

1 until last month. Excitement should be through the roof for "Grateful," even if "To the Max" didn't live up to expectations. It's unclear if any more songs will be dropped before the release of the album on June 23. The countdown is on, however, for what could end up being the summer's most vibrant, ear-popping, intriguing rap/hip-hop record.